5 ways to party like a pro, and go to work the next day

It’s almost mid-November, and the party season has officially begun in the beautiful land of Goa. With IFFI, Serendipity, and a smorgasbord of parties lined up, it’s a no brainer why this time of the year in Goa is packed to the rafters. While it’s a dream to take a holiday by people outside the party capital, many of the working locals have mixed feelings as we approach the end of the year. Along with unknown tourists visiting the state, a good number of long-distance best friends and party cousins take their annual leave to Goa to make merry in the season. This means that our bodies are about to be subjected to weeks of booze, late nights and rich food and probably work the next day. While friends can go on partying all night for days continuously and sleeping during the day, it’s a nightmare for the working local to even think about partying the night before work. So, how would you find that balance to make time for your friends visiting and simultaneously making sure your shenanigans don’t affect your work life? Here are 5 ways to party like a pro. 

party like a pro with fibre
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Start early for a night of drinking

Remember, early preparation is the key to a long and great night. Begin with adding rich fibre food into your diet and keeping yourself hydrated that day. This process will not only cleanse your digestive system but will ensure that you digest the large amounts of food and drinks waiting to be consumed during your late-night outs. Your fibre rich diet doesn’t need to start only a day in advance but can start even a month before if you know you’re going to need to party like a pro this season.

Keep your drinking game strong by drinking the right liquids

While drinking a lot of water before and after your big night is essential, there are various other liquids that can help your kidneys be prepared to take on the extra stuff. Drink herbal tea or green tea and avoid caffeine after 3 pm on the day of each party to hydrate your body. Herbal tea will help relax your bowel system. While you may also think caffeine peps you up, it places a strain on your liver, and you know how crucial this organ is before a night of partying. 

party like a pro napping
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Catch your Zs

When there’s a big night planned, there’s no way you can party like a pro, and then get your beauty sleep. So, how do you do it? Try to get some good rest on the other days, as this can help in many ways too. A good 7-hour snooze can cater to a stronger immune system and pump up your energy levels to help you be the life of the party that you are. Getting enough rest is also essential for a higher metabolism.

Follow a detox plan

A two to three-day juice detox is one of the smart ways to fill your body with anti-oxidants, eliminating toxins, and not to forget, losing the extra pounds. On a positive note, you’ll be fit and in shape to boost your energy levels in time for the Christmas countdown.

party like a pro with yoga
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Have a physically active routine

There there now, we totally get going to the gym won’t be easy especially when you have a packed social calendar. But working out at the gym is not the only way to stay active or increase metabolism. A basic and common way to add in some exercise into your busy schedule is to wake up slightly earlier. A simple yoga session, breathing exercise, or bodyweight workout in the morning is a great way to start the day. It can help increase your metabolism and lessen the guilt from being forced to party like a pro later in the day.

While partying when you’re working may be an absolute pain, with a good plan in place, it could definitely be a fun time spent. Hope these above steps help you have the awesome night out your friends planned. Do you have any other party tips you think might help us face the festivities around the corner? Let us know in the comments below.

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