‘Hello, 1912’ – Goa Electricity Departments Helpline

The electricity issues in the state have drastically dropped with the introduction of the Goa Electricity Department’s 24X7 helpline number 1912.

The department has registered 3 lakh calls and 67,202 different complaints since its inception in December 2013 and has enabled the department to fix a majority of the problems. The helpline, which is a pan-India helpline number, is managed by Hello Information Services in Goa. The reason for the success lies in the call center’s customer relationship management service’s escalation software.

Escalation Software

This software ensures that complaints if not attended to within a prescribed time limit, are escalated progressively to higher levels in the department. Once a consumer calls in, the complaint is forwarded to the concerned Junior Engineer with instructions to revert within 30 minutes with feedback or with restoration time. Simultaneously, the assistant engineer concerned is also informed about the problem. Should the Junior Engineer fail to reply within 30 minutes, a reminder is generated by the system. If the complaint isn’t attended to within a total of 40 minutes it is forwarded to the Assistant Engineer with an SMS sent to the Executive Engineer too. If the complaint is still not addressed, the process continues till it reaches the Chief Electrical Engineer.


This process sets everyone working and this enables the center update the customer about the situation. The Power Secretary for the state too, checks on calls coming in. He said that the entire system ensures accountability, where feedback received helps the department in planning.

Major issues have been solved thanks to the development in technology, however we have yet to see a permanent solution to the power cuts in the State.

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2 thoughts on “‘Hello, 1912’ – Goa Electricity Departments Helpline”

  1. This is utter rubbish. We have had no electricity all night I finally complained to 1912, after the electricity having gone for approx 3 hrs. They hv sent me a message at 343 am. It’s now 556 am but despite 4 calls to the same number, I still have no reply from them.

    The electric supply st verem is atrocious. It goes several times every single day. Whether there’s sun or rain, there’s ALWAYS some excuse. If you call the JE he says call the JE for HT wires. Is this out job, the consumers it yours? We may as well be living in a village.

    I’m going to try and post this to Mr Modi now, since the local administration seems to be totally unconcerned about these issues.

    1. Dear Gouri, we have forwarded your complaint to the GED 1912 call center for further clarification. They would, however, require your phone number for verification.

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