Aqua World Cruises

Setting sail down the Mandovi river with Aqua World Cruises


There is something to be said for being out on the water. It soothes and calms you like no other activity in the world. People have been sailing the seven seas in search of adventure for centuries. It’s no secret that the waters hold many secrets and we will probably never be able to unearth them all in our lifetime. But going back to that soothing feeling, Aqua World Cruises does a fine job of making sure you forget your worries, if only for a little while.

Smooth sailing with Aqua World Cruises

We’re lucky that we get to live in Goa. We’re close to both the sea as well as the backwaters. This just gives us a choice between the best of both worlds. What better than to set sail down the river or head for the open sea in search of an adventure like no other. Aqua World Cruises has the best boats to take on such adventures.

Aqua World Cruises was established as a brand a few years ago. It is well known in Goa’s tourism circles and provide river cruises down the Mandovi river. The company is proud of its 2 magnificent river cruise boats, named the Coral Queen and the Coral Queen 2. Both take tourists on a musical journey down the river, giving them a taste of traditional music, dance, food, and beverages every evening. If one is smart enough to book the sunset cruise, there’s a chance to catch the most beautiful sunset on the water.

The MV Coral Queen

At 30 metres by 11.5 metres, the MV Coral Queen has a capacity of 340 floating.  There are 2 decks, lower and main. The lower deck has the DJ console, a  covered dancefloor and 1 gents and 1 ladies washroom each. The main deck/ upper deck has a fully equipped and functional bar counter, facilities for light and sound, a small stage and an open-air dance floor. Best for small to medium sized Corporate and Social events and gatherings.

The MV Coral Queen 2

The newest addition to Aqua World Cruises, the MV Coral Queen 2 is larger than her sister vessel at 44 metres by 14 metres. She is equipped with state-of-the-art amenities. The best bet for a medium to large scale corporate or social events or even a wedding party. Some of her best attributes are a fully equipped and functional bar cum prep station, an air-conditioned lounge, a VIP Lounge and more.

So come experience the unexplored territory of Goa with Aqua World Cruises. At affordable prices, they provide the best-in-class service. Well equipped to handle celebrations or corporate events, creating unique holiday experiences for clients. For more information and any inquiries, visit their website.



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