Bike accident involving two youth in Neura, Goa

In a recent accident involving two bikers near Neura in Goa on Sunday, two men met a fatal end. Family and friends have been devastated by the tragic news.

The accident involved an Aprilia and a Kawasaki, both powerful two-wheelers.

The man riding the Aprilia has been identified as Gaurish Bodnekar, 27, from Panjim who died on the spot because of the heavy impact caused by the other rider, Bala Sawant, flying off his Sports bike and hitting him.



Bala was taken to Goa Medical College Bambolim, and was later declared dead. The news about the accident is doing the rounds on Facebook.

Incidentally, Gaurish Bodnekar, was a Marketing Executive at Prime TV Goa and Bala Sawant is known by many.

The incident took place at Neura on Sunday late night. Allegedly, Bala Sawant was speeding without wearing a helmet and flew off his bike after hitting a speed breaker. The out-of-control bike and rider dashed into oncoming Gaurish, who died on the spot.

However, the actual cause of the accident is not known as yet. Meanwhile, both the funerals were held at Merces, Goa this morning.

Requesting all our dear readers to wear a helmet, ride safe and follow all traffic rules. It may not be your fault but an accident can be caused due to many reasons and at an unexpected time.

Be Safe!

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