Bootcamp Goa, the institute where training doesn’t feel like training

In today’s modern world of advancing technologies, everyone wants to keep pace with the changing trends in global technology. Each individual wants to be tech-savvy and technically smart. With avenues for great careers in the growing IT field, every person wants to have a perfect skill set in its domain, for which most of them enrol themselves in various training institutes. Unfortunately, not many of these institutes provide the complete knowledge and skills required at while on the job. Bootcamp Goa, however, is one exception. With its industrial and student interactive programs, Bootcamp is a premium institute for IT courses in Goa.

Boot Camp Goa

Started in September 2016 Bootcamp Goa initially provided training to the employees of its parent company under the Nordic Intent umbrella. The goal was to provide training and industry experience to freshers. In January 2017, Bootcamp was opened to anyone who had an interest in learning the various technologies and courses. The organisation aims to shape its students in skilled professionals and making them industry-ready.


What do they teach?

There is a range of technical and non-technical courses offered at Bootcamp. The technical courses include but are not limited to web development, app development and .net development. Students can also select non-technical courses such as digital marketing, animation, graphics designing, photography and many more.

The technical courses can be taken up by anyone who is a BE, BCA or an MCA graduate, and possesses technical knowledge; while the non-technical courses are open to those who have an interest toward creative content. All the courses offered at Bootcamp are completed within a month’s time. Under the guidance of expert trainers and mentors, the students not only grow their knowledge but also understand a lot of industry life and work culture.

Boot Camp Goa

What differentiates Bootcamp from the rest of the training institutes is its working atmosphere. The courses here are very interactive, with students getting to seek knowledge about other courses as well. With its real-life projects and tasks, it helps the trainees to master their work and at the same time allows them to think and be creative. The trainers are always around to guide the students at the same time encouraging them to figure out things by themselves.

Upon completion of any course, Bootcamp awards its students with a certificate of course completion. The organisation also gives each of its students an opportunity for placements within companies in Goa depending on their skill and performance. The underlying goal of Bootcamp is to provide more platforms for the youth of Goa within the state’s technological infrastructure. This encourages them to stay back and contribute to the economy in terms of skills and capital.

Boot Camp 3

What the students had to say…

“Teaching at Bootcamp is excellent and makes good use of resources. Also, the trainers conduct fun activities like Jenga to refresh our minds”, says Devarsh, student of the Android Development Course. Vaibhavi who is currently undergoing the Web Development Course says “We are given tasks to do based on what we have studied. We enjoy doing the tasks. The trainers teach in a very nice and understandable manner.” Sagar, student of the digital marketing course says “The trainers have been extremely helpful. They make you feel comfortable.”

So, if you are looking for a training institute that makes you a skilled professional and at the same time industry ready, then Bootcamp Goa is definitely a place for you. Want to give it a shot? Get in touch with Bootcamp Goa by clicking here.

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