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How about swimming just for the fun of it? How about spending longer hours just for the feel of it? Or more so how about going for it without worrying about the expenses? The Campal Swimming Pool has the best answers to all those questions. The swimming pool is multiplex in structure and offers a view of the clear crisp skies. It’s just where you need to be if you want to take a vacation precisely for swimming. It serves to satisfy you, whether you were looking for a pool to exercise in or just swim. If you’ve got a family on your mind, don’t let that stop the fun. Get them along. Let your children enjoy as much as you. They’ve even got a children’s pool so the kids can splash to their hearts content. And the best part of it all is; it will feel like a trip you could afford everyday at countless hours.

0832 2462609
Sports Authority of Goa, Campal, Panjim Goa.


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