Interesting Facts I Bet You Never Knew About CAMPING IN GOA

Camping in Goa is certainly one of the most enthralling activities that give us a chance to experience nature at its best.

It allows you to venture into the wild within you and helps you spend some time in the open air. If you picture an amazing holiday like this, then camping in Goa should be your ultimate thing.

There are ample camping sites in Goa close to the isolated beaches where you can have a view of the water along the coast in absolute serenity.

You can also indulge in some of the most adrenaline rushing activities like trekking through the vast jungles of coastal Goa, and you can enjoy water sports activities like scuba diving. So, indulge in an experience of a lifetime by getting up close and personal with nature while camping in Goa.

Goa has always been one of the top tourist spots for traveling enthusiasts all around the world. Not only travellers, but party folks, beach lovers, and other such individuals also find themselves drawn by the magnetism of Goa. Something is alluring about Goa, and people seldom resist it.

If you’re reading this, then you’re someone who plans on visiting goa at some point in their lifetime. And you should! Especially if you want to create a treasure of memories with the most pleasant of camping experiences. However, Camping in Goa is much different than any other place due to several reasons.

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Best Season for Camping in Goa


From the mid of October to March, camping in Goa is at its peak. Beaches look extremely beautiful, water sports activities are plenty, the weather is enjoyable and your camping experience is going to be wonderful. The starting months of summer can be worth trying but the monsoon is a strict no-no.

While you can now not freely camp in Goa, there are positive organizations with organizations that will permit you to camp in their territory or space. You can without difficulty make reservations and bookings. The proprietor of homes is free to do anything they like with it. Hence, tenting probabilities exist in the shape of inns and various tenting companies.

Additionally, there are some seashores in Goa that approves humans to have freedom of camping. Anjuna Beach is one of the outstanding examples due to the fact of the hippie way of life it houses.

If you do no longer thinking of sacrificing your security a bit, then seashores can provide some of the most spellbinding experiences when it comes down to camping.

So, except in addition ado, we are bringing you the listing of locations to camp in Goa:

Cola Beach

This is the most famous campsite in Goa, where people flock in huge numbers to have a mesmerizing view of the serene beauty of nature. This beach is located in the Southern part of Goa amidst lush green trees and sandy dunes.

The camps over here provide all the major facilities like WiFi, an attached washroom, and a music system to get rid of boredom. While camping at Cola beach you can also indulge in fishing, scuba diving, and skiing activities. Many photo booths are also located near this beach to help you capture your best memories.

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Goa Velha

Also recognised as Old Goa, is located near the Mandovi river.

It is on the western facet of the Goa. There are numerous colonial-era monuments accessible in the former capital of Portuguese. There is Basilica of Bom, St.Francis Xavier’s remains, and so on. It additionally homes St.Cajetan, which was inspired from St.Peter’s Church in Rome. So, how is it going to be a best camping site for the people? Well, lush green surrounds the place with adequate temperature. If you’re any one who has a knack for architectural exploration while playing the essence of nature, Goa Velha will be in a position to provide the best journey for you. Setting up your camp over here, you can indulge in things to do like river rafting, mountaineering, and biking that will make your day out to Goa even greater endearing.


Located on the western part of Goa in Calangute, close to the Arabian sea. It is famous due to the Calangute seaside that homes a number of eating places and bars. However, Baga Beach is additionally one of the prevailing areas with a considerable series of water sports. There is an Aguada fort at the southern place of Calangute and a lighthouse.

More importantly, there is a market area with leather-based items and textiles. It is additionally a residence to countless imported items like Tibetan handicrafts. There are churches, prosperous villages and even sanctuary of birds. So, Calangute gives a satisfying trip full of parties, admiration, traditionally wealthy sites, market place, and a whole lot more. Hence, it is one of the fantastic areas to set your camp.

Talpona Beach

One of the best parts of this seashore is its calmness as it is extraordinarily much less crowded. The campsite at the seashore areas runs alongside the river Talpon which makes it a special camping site. Site is around 7 kilometres away from the city however isn’t tough to reach. Situated close to a small village this area doesn’t see too a lot of vacationer exercise however one may additionally come upon few fishermen in the area.

You will have very few shacks on the seaside so possibly you will want to have more preparations performed for your meals and drinks. Beach is extraordinarily enthralling with fascinating views of the seaside.


Mandrem is a lovely village close to the coast in North Goa. Mandrem host couple of seashores and is extraordinarily famous for its campsite retreats, yoga studios and its stunning cafes. There is a famous campsite recognized as Mandrem Goa Campsite – which is a tranquil campground in this area. Mandrem is round 30 kilometres from the state capital Panaji.

This area is famous amongst foreign tourists, even though it is no longer a place visited by the Indian travellers like the other seashores in Goa.



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