Could this be the Cause of Dengue in Goa?

There have been several cases of Dengue fever reported in Vasco in the recent years, which has reportedly claimed a life. Why is this so? There have been reports of tree-guards lying empty across the state. The trees have either died or been uprooted for posing a threat to citizens.

Trees, especially the Ashoka, prevent the rapid increase of mosquitoes as they contain a certain mosquito repellent. The absence of trees along some parts of Goa have brought about a rise in the population of mosquitoes. Just a handful of Ashoka trees are reportedly left along the Swatantra Path in Vasco, and a bunch of tree-guards are there guarding just thin air all over the state. Planting more trees will reduce the population of mosquitoes and get rid of the diseases they spread.

Scientists have long suspected that deforestation and wanton felling of trees might lead to higher malaria rates because the open landscapes that replace forests or uprooted trees areas, accumulate water which are perfect breeding grounds for mosquitoes.


So-called “tree huggers” are often seen as kooks or crazy environmentalists, but protecting trees,  may be a way to save millions of lives.

Let’s not wait for the Government to plant those trees, take up the cause and get planting. A seed sown today, will have benefits for years to come, and who knows your tree might end up saving the planet.

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