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Give those wheelers a break. Take to your feet. You’ll learn that there’s so much more beauty you can grasp by walking than through travelling a wheeler. The Chorla Ghat is known to consists of a number of trekking trails and waterfalls. 56 kilometers away from Panjim, lies the picturesque foothills of the ghats and waterfalls await you. Mangeli, Karavati and Talatri waterfalls are the ones you’ll get an look of. Once you’ve found yourself at Mangeli, the waterfall will seem so appealing to your eyes, you would want to do anything to get under it. But don’t let the beauty get the better of your attention cause the trail that leads you there, has apparently, no road signs. It is suggested that you carry a map or GPS if you’re into this wild walking trail. And it will be for you to see.

The beautiful white color water that seems to pour from some crack in the rocks. ‘Beautiful’ is not word enough! The magnificent picturesque atmosphere, with the chirping of birds, whispers of tree leaves rubbing against each other and splashing waves. What better could you have asked for?! Karvati is comparatively harder to get too but worth the effort. 13 kilometer walk from the Sada village, the trail gets a bit steep and steeper, leading to a hill top. Once you’re atop, it will feel magical. Unlike any other feeling ever. Breathe in the moment as you forget your worries. Let the wind comfort you and the waters draw your mind. Unfortunately during the rains, the pressure gets a bit strong so it would be wise to stay away from the waterfall, or at least don’t get close to it. For you know, as it is said “Precaution is (really) better than cure!”

Chorla Ghat (North Goa)


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