The Best Christmas Places To Visit Work Only Under These Conditions

Want to know which are the most amazing Christmas places to visit come December?

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It’s that time of the year when everyone is gearing up for the most joyful festival around to help beat the winter blues.

The Christmas trees being decked up in malls, the discounts on merchandise in stores, the sound of tinkling bobbles all around, and the sweet smell of plum desserts and candy wafting out of bakeries are tempting us all to flip this festive season into an even merrier affair.

Christmas celebration in India is a big affair specially at these places. Let’s test out some of the exceptional locations to go to in India at some point of Christmas to make your festive season merrier than ever!

Here are a few Best Places to Celebrate Christmas in India.


A vicinity most frequently referred to as a paradise for celebration lovers, Goa will become so much more during Christmas; the state shines in its glory throughout the festivities! Since it homes a large number of Christians, the celebrations are a lot grander in the state. Adorned with poinsettia flowers and vibrant lighting, Goa ranks excessive amongst the finest Christmas places in India.


You will find the people singing Christmas carols and celebrating till early morning. Even the parties at Anjuna, Mapusa and Candolim continue through the night time making sure that the vacationers and locals get to have a good time Christmas with the best combination of fun and tradition.

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The celebration of Christmas in Kerala is in contrast to how it is celebrated in various other places in India. Why? Well, suppose of spending your time celebrating Christmas amongst umpteen coconut trees, backwaters and nature that solely ends at infinity; wouldn’t that be gratifying?!

What’s more, the many existing churches in Kerala are all decorated and embellished with stars, lights, and numerous different sorts of decorations.

It is in the course of this time that many of the esteemed hotels give out heavy discounts to welcome travellers from all over to take part in their Christmas celebrations.

All of this makes Kerala one of the must-visit locations to go to in December in India. However, Kerala at some point of the Christmas time will additionally shock you with the zealous festivities of the Cochin



City so eclectic, that it wholeheartedly embraces the diversity of cultures in India.

Mumbai is, undoubtedly, an enjoyable area to have a good time Christmas in India. Places like the Hill Road, Church Gate and Bandra are some of the most famous locations for Christmas party in Mumbai as well as India.

Mumbai’s vivacity and the great enthusiasm in people to celebrate Christmas results in a celebration so grand that it can be argued as one of the great Christmas celebrations in India. Almost all the churches in and around the city organise what’s referred to as a midnight mass.

On top of that, you can additionally locate several raging events in most night clubs in Mumbai. It can be difficult for a vicinity to cater to the palette of a multiple of humans with a range of tastes; Mumbai, however, does that effortlessly!


Shimla has a very small population which follows Christianity and so Christmas celebration is here celebrated with incredible fanfare and joy.

The joyous aura can be seen in all places at the time of this festival. However, you would possibly now not see a lot of vacationers throughout Christmas however the hills provide a panoramic view and peaceful but fun-filled Christmas.

Decoration can be considered nearly in all places consisting of the streets, churches and homes with shimmering lights. Locals of the region put together common delicacies and additionally sing carols and hymns in the night-time to rejoice that festive mood.

Some of the churches of Shimla additionally play nearby gospel music. So, if you prefer to spend Christmas peacefully then format Christmas vacation trips in Shimla.


The city of Joy, Kolkata has joyfully embraced Christmas so much so that Christmas has now come to be a vital part of the city’s rejoiced festivals. In no other region in India, the festival of Christmas feels as native as it does in Kolkata. Park Street is enlivened by the stars, lights, decorations and all types of embellishments that when put collectively easily convey out the Christmas mood. All of the streets are lined with restaurants, pubs and bars that are kept running for walks all night time long!

If you are looking out for the fantastic Christmas sweets and delights, then seem to be no in further than Flury’s; you’d be spoiled for choices!

You must even go to the St Paul’s Cathedral and their organised midnight mass the place the sweet sound of carols reverberates from pretty a distance. Furthermore, the Anglo-Indian communities that stay down at the barracks have a good time traditionally.

This would possibly be the only party of Christmas in India that is most iconic to that of the West’s. Owing to all of this, Kolkata is without doubt one of the quality locations to rejoice Christmas in India.


Snow and Christmas when combines makes a perfect setting for this most awaited festival; it enhances the spirit of the festival. The awe-inspiring beauty and attraction of the hills makes the aura look more alluring during Christmas.

The exotic pine bushes seem like Christmas tree, the pine timber appears lovely when covered in snow and are decorated with lights and accessories. The total sight is absolutely charming and seems so attractive in the night. If you desire to have the authentic sense of Christmas then you can additionally book a log hut to live Christmas mood beneath the starry night.


With the awe-inspiring French architecture and tradition amalgamating with the beauty of Christmas vibes, Pondicherry become a lot greater paradisiacal than it always is. Clean, tranquil and scenic beaches, picturesque and aesthetically constructed churches, impeccable look of the French culture, and the serene Auroville – all of this makes Pondicherry one of the exceptional locations to go to in India in the course of Christmas. It will get away you in wonderment of the beauty and festivity!

Christmas places in India mean so much more than you may think it does. Just book one of the festival tour packages for any of the places mentioned above and you will see just how amazing Christmas celebrations can be in India.

Merry Christmas!

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