Don’t have a helmet? Then wave goodbye to your bike!

Irresponsible riders may soon have to part with their two-wheelers if they are caught riding without a helmet. Transport minister Ramakrishna ‘Sudin’ Dhavalikar has issued instructions to detain the vehicles of such violators. This was one of the suggestions at the transport council meeting, at the Secretariat, on Thursday.

“The detained vehicles will be released only after the violator comes with a helmet. This rule will soon be implemented throughout the state. It is being done in the interest of citizens’ safety,” Dhavalikar said.

Two-wheelers account for 66.31% of accidents, followed by cars at 62.33%. Until March this year, 1,064 accidents have taken place in the state and 84 lives have been lost.


A total of 32,567 two-wheeler riders in the state were caught riding without helmet during the same period. “Merely issuing challans is not effective,” the minister said.

The transport council meeting also focused on addressing the issue of rising number of fatal accidents involving two-wheelers in the state. For this, the PWD has been directed to work on the accident-prone zones in the state.

“We have identified 30 blackspots in Goa where accidents regularly take place. PWD will take up work on these spots on a priority,” Dhavalikar said.

Source: Times of India

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