Some foreign nationals getting arrested on purpose in Goa

Chief Minister Laxmikant Parsekar revealed in the state assembly that some foreign nationals purposely get arrested while possessing small quantities of narcotics. They then apply for bail and indirectly extend their stay due to ongoing investigation.

“I suspect there are some foreigners who want to stay back in Goa, get purposely caught under cases of narcotics, dealing in small quantities. When they are out on bail and case is heard, they are allowed to stay in the state till it is disposed,” The CM replied to a question tabled by the Aldona MLA Glenn Ticlo in the ongoing state assembly session.

The substance recovered from the foreign nationals is sent to laboratories that are situated outside Goa. The entire process delays the Goa police from filing a chargesheet. This delay lets the alleged accused foreign nationals apply for bail. Which is granted to them.


The Cheif Minister has proposed to set up a detention center in the state for such foreign nationals. The main purpose would be to hold these trial pending foreign nationals until results from laboratories arrive instead of giving them the freedom of movement throughout Goa. “Once they are in detention center, police can also keep vigil on their activities,” the CM said.

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