Fluid and Power Automation, lighting up Goa

The brilliant illumination job of the recently inaugurated Atal Setu (or the third Mandovi bridge) incites a feeling of pride when one finds out that it has been done by a Goan company named Fluid and Power Automation founded by Anirudh Walawalkar & Anurag Walawalkar.

Fluid and Power Automation is a company that came into existence more than two decades ago and continues to grow. The company has worked on a number of major infrastructure projects across the state. With a team of highly trained and skilled individuals, their projects have involved handling internal wiring, underground cabling, transmission lines, water pumps, illumination, and substations.

Fluid and Power Automation
Lighting in the Boca de Vaca spring tunnel (picture by Simeon Fernandes)

Additionally, Fluid and Power Automation has provided turnkey electrical solutions and electrification that usually caters to hotels, hospitals, malls, villas, bridges, power stations, and installations of gensets, transformers, underground cabling, and utility monopoles.


In Goa itself, they have done illumination work on the tunnel of Boca De Voca spring, the Rose Garden and the utility monopoles that stand at the Divja circle near Patto. Other illumination projects in the past have included the Lusofonia Games and the International Film Festival of India, the latter having been their clients since 2006.

With so many major state infrastructure projects under their belt, they have also been receiving inquiries from states such as Maharashtra and Uttar Pradesh and are constantly in touch with clients that want uncompromised services and quality.

To find out more about all of Fluid and Power Automation’s projects and services, visit them at their official website.

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