Goti Soda

The ‘Goti Soda’ or ‘guddiche baatli’ of erstwhile Goa is back


Having successfully launched his own brand of the Goti Soda in Goa recently, Eknath Orskar plans to add different flavours to this unusual marble-stoppered glass-bottled soda. His launch flavour being a lemony soda just like the goan ‘lim-sod’. Bringing back sweet memories of the ever-so-famous ‘Goti Soda.’

In May this year, Eknath launched his own brand of Soda – ‘Goti Soda’. His idea was to rekindle fond memories of Goa’s famous marble-stoppered green soda bottle.  A bulky bottle with a pressed neck that housed a coloured glass marble at the top. The glass marble acted as a stopper that helped retain the soda fizz within.

Once upon a time, the popping sound of a bulky, green marble-stoppered soda bottle pervaded every other sound on a hot summer afternoon. Especially during weekly bazaars and at ‘prasas’ (bus stands) around Goa. People thronged these small ‘lim-sod’ stalls to refresh themselves either with the plain soda or a tastier thirst quencher, a chilled ‘lim-sod’ or ‘fresh-lime-soda.’

Goti Soda
Codd neck bottles of old
Pic. Credit: Google

Selling the ‘Goti Soda’ locally to passers-by in villages of North Goa, Oraskar has pegged the price at Rs.30/- per bottle. This peppy fiz is also available at Mall de Goa in an exclusive stall.

Eknath promises to add rose flavour soon, besides the much in demand plain soda variety……  bringing back nostalgic memories of the  ‘guddiche baatli’(marble-stoppered bottle).

Besides Eknath, there is also another famous ‘guddiche soda’ manufacturer in the port town of Vasco-da-Gama. Ask anyone for ‘Babu’s soda’. Babu, even today, in the face of stiff competition, still manufacturers his ‘marble-stoppered soda’ in the same bulky green bottle with coloured marbles to pop.

So, need a thirst quencher? You know where to find the ‘Goti Soda’ or ‘guddiche baatli’.

Information credit: NavhindTimes