Gun ownership in Goa – ‘Want’ or ‘Need’ ?

There are more legal guns in Goa than illegal ones. Illegal ones coming from Bihar and Uttar Pradesh are on the rise as they are cheaper and a lot easier to obtain than legalized ones.

Goa is not a place where guns are easily available as compared to a country like the United States. To own a gun in Goa is a difficult process as it involves getting an application. Not everyone who wishes to have a gun gets it.

One has to essentially be a resident of Goa and without any police record.



People feel insecure about living in their own state for various reasons. The state administration received 309 applications for new gun licenses in 2012. Around three-quarters of applications are generally granted, that means the number of issued gun permits were at around 245 in 2012 – or about the same number of licenses granted for the entire three-year period before 2012.

If you are applying for self-protection, threat to your life is evaluated and if it’s for crop protection, you have to own cultivable agricultural property.

There are many cases registered like the recent one being a shocking incident that occurred at Caranzale, Marcaim. A youth from Loutolim, originally from Bihar named Nikhil Kumar (19) shot dead a teenage girl, Sujata Gokuldas Naik, from Marcaim and then tried to kill himself following a ‘petty argument’ over some issue. After shooting Sujata, Kumar shot himself and then called the police control room and said he had been shot.

Where did the gun come from?

Police sources said Kumar used a 12 bore gun belonging to his father, who works as a security guard.

Why did he need it ?

Reasons are yet to be revealed .  .  . as the cops are waiting for the condition of the accused to stabilize before taking his statement. The exact motive behind the crime will be revealed soon . . .

There are many ways to sort out issues rather than just use a gun to shoot at someone or murder them .

Some folks choose to obtain illegal arms simply to avoid the red tape.

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