Mainland China which has its presence felt in Mumbai , Kolkata , Bangalore, Chennai , Pune , Hyderabad , Bhubaneshwar , New Delhi , Gurgaon , Nashik and Guwahati has now opened its doors in Goa. Its concept – from presentation and service , spices to the ambience , are based on the fundamental Chinese philosophy of harmony. The varied recipes are from the most far flung regions of China . The cuisine reflects harmony in contrast which stems from the principle of Yin and the Yang, which reflects by way of combining contrasting flavours such as sweets with bitter, sour with sweet , sweet and spicy. Start with the corn & water chestnut dumpling or the crackling spinach . The chefs from china chooses the delicacies that are more suited to the Indian Palette. For mains the dice chicken Assorted Pepper Ginger, or for seafood lovers the prawn Hunan Sauce or perhaps the steamed Fish with Pixiang Bean sauce.

During the year the chefs take you to celebrate a bit of china with their cuisine like the Yum cha Festival. Enjoyment with every bite. End the meal with favourites..Daarsaan or the chocolate Rolls. The fine dining memorable meal is a value for money experience.


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