National award-winning Konkani films

You must be aware of National award-winning Bollywood movies but did you know that even our Konkani films have won so many awards for their strong script and great actors?

Let’s have a look at National award-winning Konkani films that have raised the bar for Goan Cinema in the world of entertainment.

K Sera Sera

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‘K Sera Sera – Ghodpachem Ghoddtelem’ is a movie directed by Rajiv Shinde and produced by Gayatri and Rajesh Pednekar. Due to its story line it has won the best regional film (Konkani) at the 64th national film awards.


The story is a journey of two distinct individuals; one who believes in changing the scenario by taking actions wherein the second character believes in running away from problems and letting the circumstances decide the path of life. The film asks the question, “Do we live life, or does life live us?”


Image: Nachom-ia-kumpasar

‘Nachom-ia-Kumpasar’ which means ‘let’s dance together to the rhythm’, was one of the best films made in Konkani. The film was a critically acclaimed movie that bagged many national film awards like in ‘Best Production Design’, ‘Best Konkani Film’ categories and received special mention for its female lead Palomi Ghosh.

The film narrates the story of a music composer and singer and their emotional journey of singers and music composer set in the backdrop of the 60’s and 70’s era just when the state was liberated from 450 years of Portuguese rule.


Image: International Centre Goa

Aleesha is a Goan Konkani film released in 2004. Directed and produced by talented Rajendra Talak. It has won a National Award for being the ‘Best Feature Film in Konkani’ at the 52nd National Film Awards.

The film is about a young girl called ‘Aleesha’ who is a nature lover and photographer getting married in a mine-owner family. The story depicts her journey of persuasiveness to conserve nature against her in-laws. The film stresses on how mining and other industrialists are neglecting and harming nature unknowingly and gives out a good social message.


Image: Prasad Creations

It is a 2015 Konkani film produced by A. Durga Prasad and directed by Dinesh P. Bhonsle. It is a story about a catholic family who realised that their property is taken by the Government. Watch the movie to see how they overcome the situation.

This film won the ‘Best Konkani Film’ award at the 63rd National Film Awards. It has also won the ‘Golden Camera Trophy Award’ at the 8th Nashik International Film Festival and was officially selected to be screened at the 21st Kolkata International Film Festival 2015, Goa Marathi Film Festival 2016 and London Indian Film Festival 2016.




Written by Priyanka Shetty

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