O’Goa is a shack like specialty restaurant in the heart of Panaji. Now while one would visualize these styles of structures right on the beach, Fidalgo Hotel has recreated the same with a water body in guise of the swimming pool instead of the sea. What is interesting to note is although the menu boasts of a choice of Christian and Hindu Goan preparations, there is a big choice of the latter which perhaps is not so well known and available in and around the city. The saraswat cuisine… For starters try the Taleli Keli (Crispy fried raw banana’s) or the Taleli Isvon – a slice of kingfish with your choice. A simple home-styled masala marinade or coated with rawa. Before being shallow fried. For mains – crab lovers rejoice. The Kullyo Chi Kari… a hot and spicy crab curry. Mix it with white rice, ukdea sheet (the goan rice) or with the local pao. Get your fingers dirty, there is no one watching you. The shrimp and Pumpkin curry its flavour highlighted with prawns, pumpkin, chillies, tamarind coconut and fenugreek is another highlight on the menu. The Goan love for pork was stimulated by the Portuguese and one such preparation – a pork fantasy under the name Portuguese Pork curry.

The captions promises – you’ll love it vegetarian do not despair. It is a myth that Goans do not fancy vegetarian food and the menu proves it. Specialities unheard of like the Karantim (Bitter Groung) sukem and the ambat aamti (lentil and drumstick cooked together and flavored with tamarind and jaggery) besides other favourites. There is a prawn-styled pulao – the Kolim bhat which Goans love to savour. End with the traditional dessert… bebinca, but before that aid the digestion with a solkadi. The mild infusion of kokum flavoured with coconut milk will help rejuvenate the palate for the next meal that follows. The Saturday night fever ‘ the live buffet spread’ is tagged as ‘Dinner and Dance’. The kitchen is live and so is the bar as well as the band. Pick up pink lady (a cocktail of course) or Rumba with a blood and sand. But don’t you worry, the live band sets its own tempo for you to shake too. Remember this o’Goa… so have a fill of Gao.


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