Climb up a short flight of steps off the swimming pool to a place under the white dome, located above the restaurant…you have reached Peace, The Bar of the Park on Holiday Beach. Passion, enthusiasm and a spectacular view of the beach and sea…..the electric surroundings will have you immersed in. But it is the Bar menu that offers more in terms of immersion, rather than the surroundings. The mixologist with his wealth of experience uses premium quality spirits in the drinks with fresh fruits, fresh fruit purees and his own version of atomic and molecular cocktail. In simple words the drinks are prepared as the drinks should be! Try the signature cocktail Sunshine (sugar cane juice, mint, ginger, white rum, dark rum, egg white), come rain or sun the combo of ganna and rum adds to the experience. Or try a Beer Mojito (beer, dark rum, mint, lime juice, jaggery), many local favourites which include beer, rum and jaggery. No need to do a Bloody Mary instead (Bacon infused vodka, orange juice, Lime mix). More citrusy in flavor but it is worth a try.

Is this place only for spirits? The soft drinkers can avail of non-alcoholic cocktails, yes they call them cocktails. Spiced Pine (green chilli, caramelized pineapple, honey, mint, fresh pine apple juice) for the people who like their drink to be spicy, Mango Byte (Vanilla ice cream, cranberry juice, mango pulp) for the youngsters at heart. And as the night breeze blows across the ocean get frozen with Haryali (mint, lime juice, chaat masala, honey, blended to be frozen). Its refreshingly peaceful. And it is not only drinks that drive away the blues…every night caters to different events. HELP night…no not the Beatles songs but for hospitality people (Hospitality People Love Parties), or Ladies Night or Rockstar Night which promotes upcoming bands, Karaoke Nights. Let the wind blow through your hair at peace with yourself, that’s what Peace is all about.

0832 2267600
The Park On Holiday Beach, Holiday Street, Opp. Calangute


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