Do you want to see what’s baking at the Golden Chantilly?

They say the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. Personally, I think it’s the way to anyone’s heart. Feed someone something truly melt-in-the-mouth delicious and you have a love for a lifetime. You can probably experience this through Ericka Fernandes and her brand new personal venture – Golden Chantilly.

The journey from Public Relations and Fashion to Desserts

Ericka worked for a while in the glamorous world of Public Relations with a leaning towards fashion and lifestyle. But she while you loved it, she still felt like something was missing. There was no passion in what she was doing.

As she puts it, “On hailing from the public relations world in Mumbai, which buzzed on fashion and lifestyle, I returned to my roots in Goa to find my passion.  My life and job were far from monotony and I thrived on it. But upon reflection with myself and my books, I always knew that I was supposed to do something more. On constant battle with my mind as to how could I, a publicist by profession venture into food. “


She further added, “My entire education background consists of media studies and my specialization in PR from Whistling Woods International along with an M.B.A. in Global Media. With much courage, I accepted that this is something I enjoy doing and would like to pursue it as a profession. I searched, tried and experimented much at home and finally enrolled in some personalized French dessert classes in Mumbai. After much practice, I knew it was finally time to launch my own baking venture, Golden Chantilly.” 

Golden Chantilly
All the nutty goodness in this Noisette. Image credit – Ericka P Fernandes – Golden Chantilly


Golden Chantilly
Cajou Verrine, so yummy!
Image credit – Ericka P Fernandes – Golden Chantilly

Golden Chantilly

The Golden Chantilly is a brand new venture and Ericka is still getting the word out. She has decided to start out small at first and build things up to a bigger and brighter future.

Here’s what she explains about Golden Chantilly. “Gold is a grand color and I try to incorporate something golden in my desserts be it in powder or leaf or roasted dry fruits or caramel for that matter. And I also see that each dessert has some amount of Chantilly (which means whipped cream).”

Golden Chantilly to her is about quality desserts with delectable flavors. For now, she has launched the Cajou Verrine, Noisette, Vanilla Almond Dome and Hazelnut Pop. I have tried them all and believe me when I say, these are ooey-gooey, filled with deliciousness and all things good.

Golden Chantilly
These Vanilla Almond Domes were the bomb!
Image credit – Ericka P Fernandes – Golden Chantilly

To find out about these tantalizing desserts and more, get in touch with Ericka at her email address or by phone at +91 7709426013. Ericka makes everything from her home in Caranzalem. Orders take around 3 days to be made so it’s best to put in requests for dessert at the earliest. Give her a chance and put in your orders now and be sure to give her some great feedback!


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