Sing, dance and catch some fish at the ‘Ramponnkaranchem fest’ in Arambol on Sept 17

"We will show people at the fest how we cast the net and haul it with the fish to the shore"

Arambol village in North Goa will come alive with festivities on September 17, 2017, when the villagers will gather to celebrate the ‘Ramponnkaranchem fest’. The people visiting the festival can practically experience how the traditional fishermen haul in their catch for the day. “We will show people at the fest how we cast the net and haul it with the fish to the shore,” Jude Monteiro, a local youth told ToI.

Every man, woman and child is preparing for the festival which will begin at 10:30 am with the prayer dance tomorrow. The activities for the day will be a welcome dance, Kunbi dance, Nistekaranchem dance, Dekhni, Mando and Ghumatacho naaz led by Carlos Gonsalves and concluded by O’luv.

A football camp will be held alongside the festival on the beach by female coach Ansu Rodrigues who has been training children in the village.


The participants will also have a chance to practically experience the traditional method of fishing when the fishermen will showcase their skills by casting their fishing nets. “A ramponn needs at least 25 persons to pull it with a wooden staff and it takes about an hour to land the catch on shore,” Monteiro said. The participants will have to help the fishermen pull in the nets from the sea. Veteran fishermen will help the participants identify the species of fish caught in the net.

The moderator of the Church parish council, Xavier Mascarenhas, will be compering the festival on Sunday. “There is great unity among the villagers and we hold on to our culture and tradition. Every section of the village is involved in the traditional occupations of fishing, farming and cashew plantations. In the fishing community itself, Arambol villagers have their own fishing boats and nets and the owners themselves will be on the boat,” Xavier was quoted by ‘O Heraldo’.

This is the first ever cultural festival organised by the villagers of Arambol. It began when Fr. Pio Almeida, the Parish Priest of Our Lady of Mount Church, Arambol, approached Marius Fernandes to organise a festival for the village. Fernandes is often referred to as ‘festakar’, and known for organising various festivals across Goa that highlight various aspects of Goan culture.

Traditional Goan dishes will be served at the festival. The revellers will be served kanji or pez as the welcome dish and nees (rice water). “The food is all part of the village and the villagers. The fishermen carry pez with them when they head to the seas and as a part of their tradition, it will be served to the people attending the festival. The lunch will include Goan rice, lady finger curry, pickle, melgor, dry fish, fried fish and toranchi shir (slice of raw mango). After lunch, black tea and shankarpali will be served. Chonne (boiled grams) will be served before lunch because these grams were consumed to keep diabetes under control,” Marius Fernandes explained to O Heraldo.

So head to Arambol beach on a lazy Sunday and enjoy the Ramponnkaranchem fest there. Experience a part of Goan culture.

Information credit: Oheraldo and Times of India (ToI).

Image credit: Clemente do Rosario

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