This is Goa’s first disabled-friendly, wheelchair accessible restaurant

The wheelchair accessible disabled-friendly restaurant in Goa

Most of the restaurants around the city are complete with tasty food, pleasant ambience and great service. However, Peep Kitchen at Taleigao has something more to offer. What makes it unique is the fact that it is now wheelchair accessible, making it Goa’s first (and probably only) disabled-friendly, family restaurant. Peep Kitchen located at Taleigao, […]

Arambol celebrates the Ramponkaranche Ani Voddekaranchem Fest


The Ramponkaranche ani Voddekaranche Fest was celebrated by the villagers of Arambol for the second year in succession. The brainchild of the Festamkar, Marius Fernandes, this fest was conceptualized to bring to the fore the dying occupation of traditional fishing in Goa. Very few Ramponkars and Voddekars still practice fishing with their ‘rampons’ (handheld fishing […]

The granary of Salcete – Curtorim celebrates the famed Handi Khuris feast

Handi Khuris feast

It would seem like there is a feast or a festival to be celebrated almost every month in Goa. Vasco recently celebrated its Damodar Saptah feast in the Damodar temple. While the temple festivities are done, stalls put up, selling wares are still there and probably will be for the next couple of weeks. Goa […]

Peace and tranquility in the beautiful village of Aldona


An old article in the Times of India describes the village of Aldona as one of great wealth. Between its gorgeous location and the number of talented Goan personalities produced by this village, that statement could very well be true. Aldona stands on the banks of one of the Mandovi’s tributaries with a backdrop of […]

Artifacts at Goa State Museum in danger of being ruined forever


The Goa State Museum located at the old Adil Shah Palace in Panjim houses around 10,000 artifacts from Goan history. Each item probably has a story behind it and is a major part of our state culture. But with the rains and the salinity in the air during the rest of the year, all these […]

Goa’s jewel, the Basilica de Bom Jesus in Old Goa

Basilica de Bom Jesus

Goa is not just a tourist destination because of its beaches, food, drink, and nightlife. Religious tourism is also a major reason for people visiting the state. Thanks to the Portuguese, the state has churches in almost every nook of every village. There are a number of temples dedicated to the Hindu religion which are […]

World Tiatr Day celebrated in Goa on Tuesday at Kala Academy

World Tiatr Day

Tiatr is a form of musical theatre that is extremely popular in Goa. It is also popular with Goans living in Mumbai, the Gulf, and even the UK. These dramas are performed mainly in the Roman Konkani dialects. They include music, dancing, and singing. Tiatr performers are called tiatrists. Goa celebrated World Tiatr day yesterday […]

Learn a new language with the Communicare Trust in Goa

Communicare Trust

Each language has its own take on the world. That’s why a translation can never be absolutely exact, and therefore, when you enter another language and speak with its speakers, you become a slightly different person; you learn a different sort of world – Kate Grenville. Well, she isn’t far off. Sometimes, you don’t even […]

Santachem Pursanv – A well known traditional procession in Goa

Santachem Pursanv

Goa is a state that has a large number of devout Catholics. You see these people in the numerous villages that surround the major towns in the state. In fact, today is the day of Santachem Pursanv or the Penitential Procession of Saints. This is a unique procession that takes place every year at St. […]