The crowning glory that is the Kopel or flower crown at São João

kopel or flower crown

The feast of St. John the Baptist or São João is celebrated every year on 24th June. It’s a feast with the added excitement of jumping into wells and other water bodies for fun. Celebrated all over Goa, it is definitely more popular with people living in North Goa. And, of course, as with all […]

Santachem Pursanv – A well known traditional procession in Goa

Santachem Pursanv

Goa is a state that has a large number of devout Catholics. You see these people in the numerous villages that surround the major towns in the state. In fact, today is the day of Santachem Pursanv or the Penitential Procession of Saints. This is a unique procession that takes place every year at St. […]

Christmas Traditions in Goa


Christmas is a fun time of the year for everyone. People are in a festive mood and everyone is looking to have the time of their lives. Following Christmas traditions also stands strong at this particular time of year. Christmas traditions in Goa make the season a festive one Christmas in Goa has always been […]

Sao Joao – Kiteak don pautti Yenam?

Sao Joao

As we all know Goa is a land where you will see a variety of cultures and extravagant festivals. The feast of Saint John the Baptist (Sao Joao) is no exception. The festival is celebrated with great enthusiasm, especially by the younger generation. Parties and celebrations are held in almost each and every part of […]


Goan food has been made perfect from the very beginning. The women of Goa cook delicious food everyday for their families. When there is a festival or a celebration food is the first thing that is thought of. It is made keeping in mind that a lot of people are going to be there. The […]


Keeping one of the fastest disappearing traditions of Goa alive, Shops here begin to close down as soon as the clock hand indicates its 1 pm and remain closed till 4-5 pm. Casualty to the changing pace of life in Goa, afternoon ‘siestas’ nowadays are becoming a thing of the past. Why would Goans take […]