TeraMeraBeach public awareness campaign comes to an end

150 days ago, Dristhi Marine started the TeraMeraBeach public awareness campaign. The campaign comes to an end this weekend. It was aimed at educating people, especially domestic visitors, on cleanliness and beach management along the coastal stretch of Goa.

TeraMeraBeach campaign

The state of Goa’s beaches led to them roping in Drishti Marine in 2016 to help with garbage collection along the coastal stretch. Accordingly, Drishti Marine offered its assistance and mobilized manpower and equipment for clearing garbage from the beaches of Goa. All the waste collected was taken to the waste treatment plant in Saligao.

TeraMeraBeach campaign aimed to make visitors responsible and aware of the necessity to use bins along the beach, segregate waste and participate in beach clean-ups. This campaign was supported by Goa Tourism, Video Volunteers, Museum of Goa and Veab to raise awareness on keeping Goa’s beaches clean.


A successful TeraMeraBeach public awareness campaign

As the TeraMeraBeach campaign draws to close, Drishti Marine, along with Taal Inc is conducting a Junk Jam session on Baga beach. Baga beach is one of Goa’s most popular beaches and draws crowds of tourists each year. 

Noreen van Holstine, the brains behind the entire concept along with Taal Inc will be conducting a workshop on 14th April 2018 at Museum of Goa (MOG). The workshop specifically focuses on creating simple musical instruments from waste. Anyone is welcome to join in, free of cost. Waste material will be provided at the workshop but participants are most welcome to bring their own too. The instruments made at the workshop will be used at the Junk Jam session to be held on 15th April 2018 at the beach to close the TeraMeraBeach campaign.

There will also be a drum circle and a beach clean-up drive organized to spread awareness on simple ways and means to keep Goa’s beaches clean.

The Oceanic Beach Shack on Baga beach will play host to a unique kind of Waste Bar. Here, beachgoers can trade waste for beverages and sun-downers. Waste items like straws, cigarette butts, plastic wrappers, bottle caps and paper can be exchanged for the drinks. Please note that the Waste Bar will be operational from 17:30 to 20:30.

Sounds like it’s going to be an activity-packed evening. People can attend the Junk Jam session, the drum circle, and the beach clean-up drive. Any waste they collect at the beach or bring from home can also be handed over to be a part of an art installation.

Creating art from waste at the TeraMeraBeach public awareness campaign.
Image credit – Drishit Marine

A positive impact on the public

Ravi Shankar, CEO, Drishti Marine said, “We are delighted to complete 150 days of the #TeraMeraBeach campaign successfully. We started this campaign with an intention and aim to create an awareness on beach clean-up and teach people about the importance of waste segregation. We believe we have been able to make a positive impact on that front.”

Added Noreen van Holstine who has partnered with Drishti Marine on this unique campaign, “The successful #TeraMeraBeach campaign was rolled out across the popular beaches of Baga, Miramar, Calangute, Candolim, and Colva. The response has been phenomenal so far with visitors and tourists coming forward to participate and taking back the awareness that it is the responsibility of each of us to keep our beaches clean.”

So if you’re free on the weekend, the 15th to be exact, get to Baga beach and be a part of the closing of the TeraMeraBeach campaign.

Information credit – Drishti Marine


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