Will GOA be the next ‘Sin City’?

More and More!

With the tourism industry on a continuous rise in the state, the want is for more and more. Looks like it’s never going to stop. The number of hotels that are coming up is increasing day by day. Goa has attracted a lot of Indian tourists, they come to Goa every weekend or whenever they get a holiday, coming in big numbers at once creating chaos in the state. Will GOA be the next ‘Sin City’?

Low quality, budget travellers

Quality tourism has decreased leading to increasing in low quality, budget travellers even from other countries in the world. The quantity of these tourists, on the other hand, has risen up making the popular areas crowded as ever.

Though these budget travellers’ might bring in some income they are definitely not easy to handle. Misbehaviour is their major setback. Many of them are caught getting drunk, littering the surrounding and indulging in prostitution.


The magnification of gambling activity with the rise of multiple casinos has kept tourists on a tight hold. This has become another reason why tourists come to Goa. The more depressing part is that majority of Goans are also seen in the casinos addicted to these games.

Tourists come especially for gambling, prostitution, and drugs. It is sad that Goa is known not only for its beauty but more over for the menace.

Due to these activities, it is causing a ripple effect, the crime rate in the state has drastically increased over the years. People are randomly being asked where they can find a prostitute. Women can’t spend a quiet time at the beach without being starred at or approached by strange men.

Goa is losing its unique qualities such as its lush green beauty, diverse cultures, its people and its land. We must try and save Goa before it gets too late. We cannot let Goa turn into the next ‘Sin city’!



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