This is truly from Goa with love. It’s a cozy nook in Margao and has been conceptualized and nurtured by Mike Mehta, a foodie to the core. Why the name ‘With Love’? Food used to be served in the Khanavat’s, the proprietor with his half pant and bush shirt serving with love; is the response, warmth and hospitality used to be the mantra of those places. And now just a few months back, son Ohm Stanley has taken over the running of the restaurant…a place for good homely Goan food. It entices you to try more, and an old fashioned clock tells you the time…although in that place time stands still, a staircase that takes you to the upper storey…but that is another story to tell. It’s small, its cozy, its popular and its homely Goan. What a great combo – Goan and fish – and to top it all the preparations are not your regular run-of-the-mill masalas.

The menu is a mix of Hindu, Goan and Christian-Goan preparations, but preparations that have been carefully sourced out from small homes and flavours not found in other eateries. The Stuffed Squid, the Bombil Koliwada style, the Pork – roast, chili fry, vindalho, sorpotel, chops, roast are all old favourites. On weekends, the little place is packed to the gills. If you consider that fishy talk, then you must try their Fish Thali. With Love Thali (Rs.70) and the Royal Thali (Rs.110) with its full complement of Goan Specialties. Definitely a place nurtured with love.

9604926900/ 9764343923
G1, Ashad Housing Complex, Behind Rebello Hospital, Margao-Colva Road, Madel, Margao, Goa


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