Crib cruising in Goa!


Best time for the tourists to see Goa beyond the lenses of conventional tourism. You will be able to see

it only during Christmas and if not now you will have to wait another year. For the tourists visiting Goa,

Christmas is an opportune time to have an insight into an important tradition of the state, the unique practice of crib making.

Around this time of the year people from the neighbourhood gather to make the crib for the area or for

the local churches, Chapels etc. Making a crib showcases the creativity of the locals. It also shows the

harmonious atmosphere that Goa has to offer.

Cribs vary in size; some may occupy a large area while some may even fit onto a small table. Life size

cribs are a rarity. People build it from scratch and most of the material used is prepared by themselves

like the décor, structures, lights etc. Most of the materials are sourced from around the area.

Crib making facilitates communication between the people involved, who usually come from diverse

backgrounds. It also helps set in the festive mood a few days prior to Christmas as preparations are

under way. Crib making competitions are also organized around the state with prizes to be won.

Given the lively atmosphere it creates, it is worth visiting Goa during Christmas and dive into the

festivities. It is no exaggeration when saying the unique atmosphere can only be felt during this season.

The cribs can be visited as most of them are displayed in public spaces. Everybody is encouraged to

come and enjoy the beauty in simplicity!