Things that should happen in Goa in 2016

Things Goans could look forward to in 2016! The year 2015 was certainly an exciting with many

ups and downs for the Goan public. Mining finally began to a shaky start and true enough broke

down very soon with the truck owners agitation. The state was rocked by some gruesome crimes


like the Vasco double murder case and the murder of a taxi driver in Chicalim.

Things did get tense over the issue of MOI. Plus the death of Bismarque Dias put many questions

to the Goans. Regional plan 2021 did not see the light of day till date. Garbage problem is yet to

be solved and roads to be repaired. Well, not all but there are a few crucial issues that need to be

resolved at least in 2016.

1. Begin work on the new Zuari Bridge

Work on constructing the new Mandovi Bridge has begun but as soon as the plans were made

public. There was a common question raised from many corners of Goa. Why Mandovi and not

Zuari bridge? According to reports Bridge over Zuari would have been more appropriate. But the

recent announcement of laying the foundation for constructing a new bridge over Zuari was

under taken which is a positive development.

2. Medium of Instruction (MOI)

Both the sides need to sit down together and resolve the issue. Blocking the roads and protesting

will not benefit anyone. Whatever the solution is, it needs to be an outcome of a peaceful

discussion. So, the different sides need to come together and work on a solution that

accommodates the interest of both the parties and not just one.

3. Regional Plan 2021 ASAP

Goa has for a long time been unable to put out a regional plan for 2021. It is 2016 now and only

a few years on hand till 2021. The government needs to put out something concrete that is

acceptable to the majority of the Goans.

4. Good roads

Although there is a frenzy of activity taking place specially in relation to roads. The process

needs to speed up and complete on time. The work on major roads needs to be prioritized and

completed in the shortest duration possible.

5. Falling crime rate

A study revealed that crime rate in the state has gone down. In fact the police force showed

efficiency solving many high profile cases E.g. The Vasco double murder case, Taxi driver

Murder at Chicalim etc were solved with efficiency. Hopefully the crime rate will continue to

fall, drastically!

6. Fix Mining

Mining is opposed by many and there are many in favour of it as well. The million dollar

question here is, is mining a reliable profession? Even though the operations began in 2015, soon

enough trouble started brewing between the mining company and truck owners on the pay scale.

There are many aspects of mining that need to be addressed so that all the parties involved and

concerned are happy with the outcome.

7. National Games

Goa needs to organize the national games as there are many benefits to be derived from it. Not

for benefits but at least for the love of sport.

8. Heritage conservation

Goa needs to conserve the heritage that is passed on to them over the centuries. Embracing

modernity is the way to progress but an unplanned attempt at it is really not worth it.

Constructing new houses, buildings, hotels etc is good as long as it is done with precaution and

not destroying heritage for a profit. Many young Goans do not attempt to learn about Goa and

have a vague idea about it, which explains their ignorance to many of its traditions.

9. Oscar film

The Goan film industry over the past few years has made many notable films like paltadacho

munis, Zor, O Maria etc. Nachom-ia Kumpasar has already been short listed for the 88th

Academy awards. There is no doubt that Goa can repeat the feat by producing another film of

Oscar caliber.

10. No ignorance

Goans have shown great wisdom by opposing people like Pramod Mutalik. Hopefully they will

stay on the right course and not give in to any other forces that are currently operating in the


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