The portuguese introduced various products such as chillies, potatoes, pineapples, cashew, rubber etc. They built architecturally magnificent buildings which exist even today. one of the most artistic pieces that were left behind were the ‘Azulejos’.

Typical portuguese style hand painted mosaic tiles ideally called ‘Azulejos’. The tiles are made from ceramic material and are decorated and glazed on a particular side with bright colors and art work.

The original portuguese culture and traditions were expressed through these tiles in a detailed and creative way, though some of them also have an Indian influence to them. Making the tiles is a process that requires extraoridinary skills.


There are traditional as well as modern processes as to how to make the tiles.The intricate designs of these tiles tell a story of the communities that lived here and continue to do so, they capture the beautiful essence of Goa.
Azulejos are primarily used as decorative pieces for flat plastered surfaces, floors, walls and also ceilings of portuguese houses. These tiles are also seen in old churches.

The tiles don’t only look pretty but also have an amazing feature, they control temperatures in the interiors and forms an armour to protect from dampness, heat and noise.

Azulejos are seen all over Goa even in public places such as parks or even on the streets. This art form has been going on for many years and continues even today with all its various adaptations and modern designs. It gives a vintage vibe to any place and lightens the ambience

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