Keeping crime at bay? Foreign tourists safe?

Eight years ago, on an eerie night, Goa was shaken with the murder of 15 year old British teenage, Scarlett Keeling. Although Fiona MacKeown (mother of the deceased) has not given up and still seeks justice; one begs to wonder “Is it now safe for foreign tourists to visit Goa?”

The ‘paradise state’, for numerous foreign tourists, who have also made Goa their home, faced a dull phase. In response to the severity of the case, the state government has set up various regulations to ensure the safety of locals and tourist alike.

  • Police divisions patrolling Goa’s beaches till midnight
  • Ban on dance bars, and restrictions on outdoor parties
  • No-alcohol consumption zones and ban of drinking in public places
  • Technical development in Goa’s forensic laboratory



Scarlett Keeling’s Case

Eight years after losing her daughter, Fiona Mackeown is currently in Goa to witness the final arguments on chargesheet filed in her daughter, Scarlett Keeling’s case, before Goa Children’s Court in Panaji. The arguments would be heard this week. She is now hopeful that justice would be done in the case and seemed convinced that the present Government has been handling the case in a proper manner.

The wound of Scarlett’s case will remain with us Goans for a while. As Bill Gates once said, “its fine to celebrate success but it is more important to heed the lessons of failure.”

I am confident that with the measures being taken by the Government of Goa, crime will be kept at bay ensuring the safety of foreign toursits. Thus making Goa truly a ‘Tourists’ Paradise’.

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