Ambora – Camurlim highway a problem for motorist


The highway under construction at Ambora – Camurlim has turned into a problem for farmers and motorist.

Due to the downpours, material used for the development of the highway including mud and stones have washed into the cultivable khazan fields. The motorists are also irked over the poor road conditions and the dust problem.

Courtesy: The Navhind Times
Courtesy: The Navhind Times

No sight of the ‘Retaining Wall’

Work had begun earlier in the year during summer. Crumbling debris and construction material would be prevented from washing away during the monsoon. If the promised retaining wall was erected.

An aggrieved farmer C. Dias, expressing his frustration said. “The engineers of the concerned department had assured us that they would construct a retaining wall before the monsoon. But it did not happen till date. As a result, the mud and other material used in the road construction made its way into the paddy fields.”

Although the contractors have made some temporary arrangements to prevent road material from flowing into the fields, that has not helped much. The PWD had taken up the work after acquiring the khazan land and paddy fields.

Motorist in Danger

As the work started, the PWD had closed the existing road. Vehicles ply on the under-construction stretch of the highway. Further,  the road stretch developed potholes during downpours only to compound the woes of the motorists. Also, the road condition gave rise to accidents due to uneven and slippery surface.

“Now, some have started using the Raia-Loutolim road that goes upto the Borim Bridge to avoid the under-construction dusty road,” said Suresh Naik of Borim.

Work could not be carried out continuously due to heavy rainfall said a PWD engineer adding, “The work will restart this month and proper measures would be taken.”

This project is worth crores of rupees. So far the development process moves at a snail’s pace. Hopefully the project is completed soon, so that farmers as well as motorist are put out of their misery.