20,000 – 30,000 years old Usgalimal rock carvings

Usgalimal rock carvings or Petroglyphs as they may be referred to are relics of the ancient past, giving proof of earliest civilization existing in Goa. They belong to the to the Upper Paleolithic or Mesolithic eras, which upon calculations sum up to be around at least 20,000-30,000 years old.

The engravings were discovered in the year 1993, when archeologists working in the area were lead to it by the villagers. Upon arrival they found the carving next to the Kushavati River, on a laterite surface. Which was partly covered by mud, but due to the heavy flow of monsoon a part of it was exposed.

The villagers prior to that had no clue, who and when these carvings were done. The subjects of these carving include various animals, human figurine and Labyrinths. Archaeological Survey of India (ASI) over the years has promoted the area as a tourist destination.


Winter and summer season is the best time to visit as the area may be submerged under the water during the monsoon when the water level rises. It is also a good place to trek. It has been popular not only among the locals but also tourist since its discovery.

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