26 year old unemployed youth sells drugs to finance family

Unemployed and in need of money, crime always attracts the most vulnerable, who opt for a nefarious life, desperate to safeguard what they have.

26-year-old Saeesh Vasvade, a native of Pune, is another example of the murky rigmarole most people refer to as ‘life’.

Arrested by Margao town police on Wednesday for selling Ganja at Aquem, Margao, the 26-year-old Saeesh appeared to show more helplessness than remorse after being nabbed.


It is learnt that the reason he entered the risky game of drug peddling was due to its quick returns and financial benefits. Being unemployed coupled with the difficulty of finding a decently paying respectable job, drove Saeesh into the arms of the underworld, knowing that he could now provide for his family, thought it was through illegal means.

After being caught, Margao town Police Inspector C L Patil informed that the accused was found to be in possession of 3kg of the banned narcotic substance – ganja. Patil said the accused was caught red handed in the act of selling the cannabis.

Confirming that Saeesh was a drug-related history-sheeter, Patil said the 26-year-old was earlier arrested by the anti-narcotic cell of the Goa police, some nine months ago, on similar charges.

Following his arrest on Wednesday, Police have booked the accused under various provisions of the Narcotic Drugs and Psychotropic SubstanceS (NDPS) Act.


Information Credit: Times of India

Pic Credit: Breaking the Code

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