3 Fun And Unusual Things You Can Do In Goa This Long Weekend

Long weekends are my absolute favorite part of the year. Aside from Christmas, New Year, Easter and Carnival of course. And it’s a very long weekend in Goa starting today.  Everyone I know from other parts of India is going to be here for the next 4 days. Can feel the craziness and excitement building up already. Everyone’s answer to what are you doing this weekend is, “Goa” in a very loud voice.

Now the next question is, what to do in Goa aside from the usual eating, drinking, and nightlife scenes? So I’ve tried to put together a few not so usual things to do this long weekend. Hope you get to try all of them.

Long Weekend in Goa and beyond – The land of fun, sun, music, and entertainment

1. Visit any of the 3 Spice Plantations 


If you’re into eco-tourism then this is a great way to experience it. There are 3 spice plantations located in Ponda and its vicinity. These are The Sahakari Spice Farm, Savoi Plantations, and Tropical Spice Plantation. All are on acres and acres of lush greenery and they offer spice tours, great lunch, and utter peace.

You can check out their websites for more information on how to book the above activities.

Sahakari Spice Farm –

Savoi Plantations –

Tropical Spice Plantation –

2. Beach Hopping

Well, this is something I came up with off the top of my head. Similar to club or pub hopping but you do it with beaches. To avoid wasting your whole day, you can maybe pick 3 beaches in either North or South Goa. This kind of activity is best suited to beaches like Morjim, Ashvem, Mandrem along that stretch or Arossim, Utorda and Majorda in the south just as an example. All these beaches are relatively close to each other and have food shacks all over.

3. Stay at an Eco Resort 

Goa is no stranger to eco-resorts. With most of the sea-side already saturated and overbuilt up, everyone’s trying to move inland now. So here are 2 eco resorts you can stay at.

  • Dudhsagar Spa Resort – Located in Mollem, approx.2-3 hours away from Panjim.You can go visit the famous Dudhsagar waterfalls (please note that you need to be careful and not misbehave at the waterfalls for your own safety), try white-water rafting or visit the Butterfly farm. They also have a swimming pool and a spa at the resort along with a health club and an activity zone called the Go Wild Zone. If you want to know more, you can check them out at –
long weekend
Entrance to Dudhsagar Spa Resort
Pic credit –
  • Dwarka Eco Beach Resort – This particular resort is on the rugged Cola beach in South Goa. While it’s definitely not safe to swim there because of the rocky coastline, there is a gorgeous freshwater lagoon to dip yourself into. Getting to this beauty is a crazy off-road trip that takes you through a bumpy dirt track for about a kilometer or so but it’s well worth it. Be sure to go before the summer heat sets in as the lagoon dries up pretty quickly. Have a look at their website – for more information.
long weekend
The lagoon at Cola beach over which Dwarka Eco Resort looks.
Pic credit – TripAdvisor

So there you have it, folks. The long weekend in Goa awaits you with something for everyone to do. Have a great weekend and write into us if you have any comments and questions.

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