Goa has been known as the ‘land of temples’. There are many beautiful temples here in Goa which symbolize various legends and deities of the Hindu faith. They have different architectural designs connecting them with the historic backgrounds.

Mangeshi temple

Situated at Mangeshi in Ponda taluka. It is the largest temple in Goa which had its origins in Kushasthali Cortalim. The dominant deity is Bhagavan Manguesh, incarnation of shiva. 400 years old with exquisite historic architecture is also the most visited temple in Goa.


Shantadurga temple

It is currently located at Ponda today, though its original location was in Keloshi. It had to be shifted as the shantadurga temple in Keloshi was destroyed by the Portuguese during their colonial rule. The new shrine was built in 1738 with a fusion of Indo-Portuguese architecture. Its pillars and floors are made of beautiful Kashmir stone.

Mahalasa temple

Situated in Mardol the temple is dedicated to the goddess Mahalasa Narayani who is an incarnation of lord Vishnu. The lake Nupur which is said to have been made by her still exists today. The temple has large wooden pillars and a silver doorway; there is an ‘ornamental lamp pillar of brass’ which stands at 40 feet high. The lamp is lit with oil wicks on the day of jatra. A beautiful sight to witness!

Mahalaxmi temple

Located at Bandora, goddess of peace Shri Mahalaxmi is the worshiped deity here. It is one of the oldest temples In Goa, established in 1413. It is definitely a beautiful place to visit to find inner peace. The shrine has two idols of Goddess Mahalaxmi along with other deities. Some idols belonged to the old temple, rescued before the Portuguese destroyed it. These idols today serve as a relic of that old temple.

These aren’t the only temples that are in Goa, although these are the most visited by tourist and are of more significance. The Hindu culture is so versatile, it is definitely beautiful to visit and at the same time experience what they have to offer.

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