5 Global Fast Food Franchises available in Goa

By Aldrid Da Costa

The opening of the new Mall de Goa in Porvorim, brought increased footfalls of shoppers to the area over the last few months, with designer brands and fast food on the agenda. As the stores continue to open, one of the major crowd pullers to the mall includes the inox cinema and its comfortable premium recliner sofas.

Here is a tip for any Goan parents who have run out of inexpensive ideas to entertain their children during the summer holidays. Take your wards to the earliest screening of the day and you can save yourselves Rs. 70 to Rs. 80 per ticket. Also if you have a big breakfast at home and you catch the 9.15am show, there is less likelihood of youngsters asking for popcorn and snacks which can save you a lot more money.


The only catch is when you finish the movie, you will have to vacate via the food court, which is bound to send the tummies rumbling into overdrive. Very recently advertising signboards of McDonalds opening up in the mall has attracted a lot of curiosity.

Over the last few years other popular fast food chains have also made Goa their home. We bring to you 5 global franchises available in Goa:

1. McDonald’s

The burger joint needs no introduction. The famous golden arches are famous in every country of the world. Bankrolled with a huge marketing budget, it is seen as a cool place to hang out for young millennials.

2. Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC) 

The colonel’s popular crunchy chicken was welcomed by all when it arrived a few years ago in Goa. So far it has 3 stores based in Panjim (In Caculo mall), Margao and Calangute.

3. Domino’s Pizza 

The pizza company was one of the first fast food franchises to open up in the state and it has quite a number of outlets sprinkled across Goa, which include Panjim, Porvorim, Margao, Vasco, Calangute and Anjuna.

4. Pizza Hut

The popular pizza chain entered Goa, well after Domino’s and has far fewer outlets. It currently operates in Calangute and Margao.

5. Subway 

Could possibly claim to be healthier than the other options. The ‘Sub of the day’ is serving up delicious sandwiches in Baga, Anjuna, Panjim and now mall de Goa, in Porvorim.

Competing with Goan favourites?

Most Goan foodies would rejoice in the fact that they now do not have to get on a train and travel to the neighboring states to enjoy some branded fast food, unlike a few years ago. In a tourist place like Goa, tourists will also feel at home if they can take a break from sampling the local fish curry rice, to refuel with something a little more familiar.

On the other hand these global food brands have to pay various taxes to the government which is passed on to the customer and can add quite a bit to the final bill.

Another interesting point to ponder is that while foreigners may view a trip to fast food joints as a complete meal, Goans tend to see it as a snack and will generally go home and eat again. What effect is this having on the overall health of the Goan population?

Will the opening up of a McDonalds in Goa compete with the local Goan favourites or is there room for all to prosper?



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