5 of The Most Haunted Places In Goa That Will Freak You Out

Do you scare easily???

Ghost stories and legends of haunted places are a rite of passage for everyone at a young age. Sometimes parents even tell their kids stories in order to get them to behave or do something. Naturally, when a kid hears these kinds of stories, it’s liable to haunt him or her for a long time.

While I haven’t personally experienced a ghost (and don’t really believe in them), I know a lot of people with stories to tell. I hope everyone can share their experiences here after reading about these 5 most haunted places in Goa. Apparently, the ghosts don’t only come out at night if the stories are true.


Three Kings Church in Cansaulim

Cansaulim is a small village located in South Goa surrounded by lush green fields and a beautiful beach. It’s also the location of a well known haunted chapel. The “Our Lady of Remedios Chapel” or Three Kings Church as it is also known, is rumored to be one of the most haunted places in Goa.


The legend goes something like this, “A long time ago, Goa was ruled by 3 kings. Unfortunately, when there are 6 different hands in the pie, the pie is going to be a mess. Similarly, with 3 rulers who had their own ideas, Goa was in a state of upheaval. One day, one of the kings decided he wanted Goa all for himself. He proceeded to poison the other 2 kings. The villagers heard about this and stormed into the castle. Fearing death at their hands, the last king ended up committing suicide”(what a coward!). Since then there have been multiple sightings of these 3 spirits and multiple stories doing the rounds.

Another rumor says that every year at the time of the feast of the 3 kings, strange noises can be heard coming from the hill. Like the sound of a feast going on. However, when people have gone up to check, the place is as silent as a graveyard. (Scary, isn’t it?)

The Three Kings Chapel in Cansaulim
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Igorchem Bandh

Everyone starts praying when they hear ghost stories. Especially people from the much older generations. Reprimands about stirring up evil spirits are also made. Some have even been known to take refuge in a church to ward off evil spirits. But what do you do when the church and its surroundings are said to be haunted? I guess everyone asks this question of the famous Igorchem Bandh in Raia.

This extremely spooky, narrow, and lonely stretch of road runs behind the Our Lady of Snows Church in Raia. According to the locals and regular visitors to Raia,  the spirits come out even during the day. If you happen to walk down this road between 2 and 3 pm, that’s when you’re most likely to become possessed. (I am never visiting this spot ever!)

Igorchem bandh. How can something this beautiful be so sinister?
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Rachol Seminary Arch

Located on the banks of Zuari River, the village of Rachol is best known for its seminary. The arch that leads to the seminary is said to be haunted. According to the old legend, the spirit of a soldier dating back to the Portuguese era guards the arch and denies entry to people he deems unworthy. Apparently, this soldier is still not ready to leave his post, so haunts the area even today. It’s not said if the haunting occurs at any particular time of day so if you’re adventurous, you’ll have to go to the area and try passing the arch at different times.

The Rachol Seminary Arch. Watch out for that soldier!
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ChristalinaSaligao Village

Now, this is a story I have heard about for years. A friend’s father used to commute from Calangute to Panjim every day, using the Chogm road. Saligao village lies right in the middle of this route.  According to him, he was on his way home from work one night when he saw a lady in a white sari standing outside what used to be Villa Saligao.  There didn’t seem to be anything suspicious about her so he offered her a lift. She thanked him and got in. When they slowed down near the Saligao cemetery, he turned to ask her where he should drop her off and she was gone. There was no one in the passenger seat. Naturally, he got thoroughly spooked and told my friend the story when he got home.

The other story I have heard about is the one about the lady who hangs around the banyan tree in Saligao. Her name is rumored to be Christina and whoever gets near the tree, Christalina gets him/her. There is the story of a church bishop who was passing this village and fainted on seeing Christalina. Next morning, he woke up screaming her name. And since then, locals keep a distance from the haunted banyan tree, especially at night.

Christalina’s banyan tree in Saligao. Pic credit –


Another of those rumors that serve to freak you out while driving is Baytakhol. Located between Dhavali and Borim, on the way to Ponda, this haunted place is rumored to be one of the worse roads to travel on. The rumor heard is of a woman who is seen and heard screaming and crying out for help on the road. But when one goes past and then turns around, there is no one there. Locals say that this has been the cause of many accidents in the past.

Baytakhol – not the road you want to drive on late at night!
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Truth be told, unless you’re a paranormal investigator or have experienced some kind of paranormal activity, most people don’t believe you. Not because you might be lying but because the thought that something else lurks in the shadows and could possibly do us harm is enough to give the healthiest person a heart attack.

So what are the ghost stories you’ve heard??? Share them with us if you don’t mind reliving tales of haunted places.




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