Stunning rise in vehicles registration in Goa?

The appalling road conditions since 2015 till date has not in any way put a dampener on the purchase of vehicles in the State. The transport statistics by the state department registered 74,563 new vehicles in 2015-16.

Public and Private vehicles registered in 2015-2016:

Private cars and jeeps16,353
Private tractors158
Motorcycles for hire1,788
Goods Carriers1,591
Buses and mini Buses (including Kadamba Transport Corporation)279
Auto Rickshaws118


While most categories above show a steady rise, there has been a drop in two. The first being the number of taxis registered in the state as compared to the past and the second, the purchase of private cars, which saw a drop from 16,767 this financial year. As reported, a decline in purchase of taxis, was due to a restriction imposed on the purchase of tourist taxis by the Goa Government. The department recognized this change as poor economy and restrictions in the financial sector of the state.


Overall there is a 5 per cent rise in comparison to the last financial year. The total number of vehicles registered in 2014-15 was 74,316. Government officials predict a steady incline in the years to come.

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