5 experiences that will make you fall in love with Goa


Goa is a land that defines natural beauty. There is so much to explore and experience. If you have forgotten magnificence, then here’s a list of just 5 experiences you  need to enjoy while staying in this beautiful state.

Life’s a Beach

Image Credits: Tour My India

Goa is known for its pristine beaches and numerous water sports. If you make a trip to this state and do not take a stroll on the silver sands or a dip into the sea, you have truly missed an exhilirating experience.

Delicious Food

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‘Ros omelette’, ‘ros’ meaning cconut curry (that literally translates to ‘curry omelette’), is served with either chicken xacuti gravy spread over a delightfully fluffy egg omelette or a coconut gravy of greenpeas over the omelette and garnished with onions, lime and coriander. Another Goan favourite is the finger-licking ‘cutlet pao’ (a sandwich of Goan bread, stuffed with either a fish, meat or veg cutlet). These two scrumptuous street foods are a must try before one leaves Goa.

Flea Market

Image Credits: Tourism of India

Heard of the phrase ‘shop till you drop?’ Well Flea Markets in Goa are arguably the best place to shop for authentic Indian and foreign items at reasonably low costs. The colours and variety that meets the eye, invite fashionistas from all over the world. Not only can you indulge in the music and food but settle for good bargains in terms of clothes, shoes, bags, souvenirs and much more. The most famous Flea Market is the ‘Saturday Night Market’ in the quaint village of Arpora.


Image Credits: Sanctuaries India, Richard Dias, Viajante India

One of the most thrilling experiences, is the elephant ride and elephant showers. A squirt of cold water from the elephant’s trunk sends shivers of excitement down your spine. If you are not too keen on an elephant ride, then visit one of the numerous waterfalls of Goa. Tamadi Surla and Dudhsagar are noteworthy among them, where you are bound to encounter wild animals and beautiful birds.


Image Credits: Outlook Traveller, Marius Fernandes, Roshni Fernandez

Have you ever taken a minute in your day to fully appreciate life in all its glory, or visited a local market even if you don’t wish to purchase groceries? One can witness the uniformity in the chaos. Spend a moment and you will be able to overlook the chaos and find harmony between the cheerful sellers and the bargaining patterns of the buyers. It only takes a moment to observe this beauty. I have done this countless times, you should try this too.

Putting together this list was tough, as Goa is so scenic and has so much more to offer. Certainly more than what I have mentioned here!

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