5 reasons to visit Goa, India’s ‘South America’!

Not just another cliché article on Goa, a few facts spiced up to make it worthwhile for you to read. There was a time when people would ask why visit Goa? But given the rush of tourists, it receives every year now. The question itself has changed to, why not visit Goa? The transformation has certainly been phenomenal.

1) India’s ‘South America’

Nowhere in India during the colonial times has there been an assimilation of local and foreign cultures as much as it has happened in Goa. That is the reason for its unique identity in the country. The traditions have continued to exist even after the Portuguese left. These distinctions are worth checking out.

Everything from the way Goans dress to the way they speak has been influenced. Let’s understand a few


Architecture – The Portuguese introduced two distinct forms of architecture in Goa, Baroque and Rococo, reflection on the public buildings constructed at that time is evident. Also, there are many examples of the houses built during the colonial times in Goa; some of them are at least five centuries old. The fusion of already existent styles and foreign styles has certainly been amazing.

Dress – Although rest of the country has recently adopted western clothing ( a majority being the urban areas), it has been done so for a long time in Goa. It is normal to find a man wearing a formal suit even in the remote villages of Goa. (Especially on Sundays when the mass is held at churches)

2) Cuisine to die for or rather to ‘kill for’

Goan cuisine may not match the grandeur of Awadhi Cuisine; it still manages to satisfy the taste buds and the appetite. Chicken Xacuti, chicken Cafreal are the two stars of non- vegetarian platter. Fish curry, rice, and a Rava fried fish are the staple food here, much enjoyed by the tourist as well. For breakfast, one needs to try the ‘Patol-Bhaji’ with the pao (Goan bread). Shacks provide a good ambiance by the sea to enjoy a variety of international cuisines.

3) Natural heritage

In the year 1999, Biodiversity of Goa was compared to that of Congo and the Amazon basin by Nat Geo. Goa is a host to the Western Ghats which is known for its rich biodiversity. There are many wildlife sanctuaries set up by the state government in order to preserve them. eg. Bondla, Cotigao etc.

4) Recreational activities

There are many options to be indulged in Goa.
Pubs – They can be found across Goa and present a lively atmosphere to its visitors. Bands can be seen performing there cheering the crowds making them worth visiting for a lovely evening.
Clubs – All the age groups can visit them; good food and good music make ‘good’ company (Alcohol included of course). There are also many foreign DJs along with their Indian counterparts who entertain the crowds into the night.

Adventure sports – there isn’t a shortage of adventure activity in Goa, especially for adrenaline junkies. Jet skiing, Banana boat rides, parasailing, paragliding, hot – air balloon rides, Helicopter rides etc are available at the go. Along with these the forest provides good places for hiking and tracking.

5) Beaches

Aah! Best for the last, is there even a need for elaboration? Goa is been blessed with abundant beauty and beaches attract the maximum tourist visiting the state. There are shacks set up at most of these beaches for the tourist to rely upon for food and drinks. A recent survey by Tripadvisor has named two beaches from Goa among the top ten Asian beaches.

Goa has many hidden gems that wait to be explored e. g. the 10,000 year old rock carving. But for that, one needs to visit the state.




1) Catedral de San Cristóbal — in Havana, Cuba.

Pic-credit – Anagoria

License –

2) Old Municipality of Salvador, Brazil

Pic-credit – User: Ssasantos, modified by Fulviusbsas

License –

3) old heritage houses in the Fontainhas quarter of Panjim

Pic-credit – Intrepid one

License –

4) Basilica of Bom Jesus at Goa Velha / Old Goa (Goa, India)

Pic-credit – Nima Sareh

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