6 Habits Goans can learn from successful people


Success comes to those who strive for it. It may not be easy but a little effort in the right direction might go a long way. Observing the people who are considered to be successful in the society may teach us a thing or two. A few habits have been listed out that successful people follow. Goans may find them helpful in life.

1. Self-talk (talking to your self)

Although it may sound crazy at first, but using ‘You’ instead of ‘I’ helps in dealing with stressful situations. A study was conducted in which participants were asked to prepare a speech in five minutes on the subject of why they should be chosen for their dream job. One set of subjects were asked to use ‘I’, the second set was asked to use ‘You’ or third person pronouns (name). The subjects using ‘I’ had more difficulty giving the speech than the other group.

2. Manage emotions

Successful people understand the emotions they feel and to what extent the emotions are affecting them. “Mentally strong people are acutely aware of how their emotions influence their thoughts and behaviors, and they monitor the fluctuations in their emotions throughout the day.” psychotherapist Amy Morin said in a report.

3. Read

Successful people read. They make it a point to fit in sometime to read in their busy schedule. Elon Musk was once asked how he learnt to build a rocket. He was reported to have replied “I read books”. Musk is not the only case. A report states, one of the World’s most successful investors, Waren Buffett spends 80% of his day reading books. During his childhood, Microsoft founder Bill Gates was said to be an avid reader. Even Facebook founder, Mark Zukerberg announced that he aimed to read a book every two weeks.

4. Discipline and self-control

Successful people are said to be disciplined and have high self-control. A study known as ‘Marshmallow test‘ was carried out. A group of kids aged 4, were seated at a table with a pair of marshmallows in front of them. They were given a choice to eat one marshmallow now or eat two when their turn comes. After giving the instructions the researcher left the room. Those children who waited for their turn became more successful as adults than their counterparts who gave into the temptation of the tasty treat.

5. Stick to routines

There are certain things successful people like to do everyday. It can be anything. Reading a book helps in gaining more knowledge. Quiet reflection on the day helps understand the situation better and playing music can be rejuvenating. They follow these routines ritualistically everyday.

6. Persistent

While thinking of ideas, the first one may not be the best. Successful people realise this fact. That’s why they keep coming up with new ideas until they find one that has real potential. This way they can be confident about what they are doing.

Everyone needs some guidance. There is no shame in learning from the learned. 


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