It’s a local hangout,the ambience the menu to suit the palate of the goans. Andrew Fernandes has created the A Lua concept a place to raise a toast,celebrate birthdays or meet with friends foe a casual value for money meal.At Sangolda, A Lua welcomes you to typical Goan set up with seating arrangements in the dark interiors of an old Goan villa,out on the verandah and also in the garden amidst the chirping of the birds.The setup and ambience are similar at their Merces(just outside Panaji) and Verna (near Margao) outlets,as is the extensive menu.At Merces, amidst the vast open fields,ideal for parties and weddings,the small restaurant has a menu that specializes in Goan culinary recipes.

A Lua perhaps is one of the only Goan cuisine restaurant chains in Goa.With a focus strictly on Goan specialities,a small section has North India,European and a chinese corner as well.Options Include starters, soups, salads, seafood, North Indian vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes, some Tandoori as well The pickled Prawn Balchao and home style Mackerel Curry Rice(Goa Curry) are in keeping with the goan tradition stuffed Squids and crabs are a speciality here. The Chicken Shashlik with huge chunks of chicken makes for a complete meal in itself.If Indian is your choice for the meal start with the Chicken Tikka Masala a good bet.The desserts go local and simple with preparations that include Caramel Custard,Bebinca and kulfi,Its great place for parties too.