It is one the most popular confectionaries of Goa and a little old fashions too.From the 80’s,A Pastelaria continues its tradition of quality at affordable prices.Butter is used in all the preparations.Sample the Chocolate Gateaux or even the Fresh Cream Gateaux,the cookies and the tea fancies the soft velvety texture proclaims the truth.A pastelaria is also known for its Goan Sweet Preparations – the dost, cocad and the world famous Bebinca which are not to be found in other eateries.The savories too are worth a mention-Crispy pattices with spicy as well creamy fillings,croissants with schezwan chicken.A must have is the Egg Pattice with thai curry paste within .As you crunch on it,the crisp pastry falls around you like petals being showered.

However if you are not in time to get the first come first served quota then there will be nothing left for you,It is after all a very popular confectionary and a little old fashions too.Even mousses moves fast.Chocolate and strawberry flavoured mousses are soft and melting a treat for the kids.So head there for a traditional experience…its maska all the way.

0832 2426270/ 73, 2424405, 2224405/ 07
Hotel Mandovi,DB Marg,Panaji,Goa