What happens when your vacation in Goa is over? How do you remember this beautiful land? Yes, there are pictures which you probably have taken but what if you can take something back home that not only reminds you of Goa but sets a whole new Goan presence right at your home. Taking a souvenir that is made by the people of Goa would be like taking a piece of Goa along with you.

There are various types of handicrafts that can help you with this dilemma, made by the Goan people especially the women. They use different materials to make these various items.

Some of the different crafts consist of bamboo craft, wood carving, terra cotta pottery, brass metals, seashell craft and wooden lacquer ware. Others are Jute Macrame, Fabric Collage, Crochet and embroidery, fiber and Batik prints, fiber stone carving, Coconut shell carving, metal embossing, silver and imitation jewelry, cotton dolls, soft toys, woolen tapestry and artistic weaving.

These crafts have a very rich history in them, most of these techniques have been past down from generation to generation. The patterns and designs have been there for many years but have also evolved as the time went on.

Oil lamps, candle stands, ashtrays, temple towers and church bells belong to the wide array of brass metal ware that is produced. These have very intricate designs on them. Exquisite wooden work like corner stands, toys, cradles and decorative pieces are one of the many ancient crafts as well, known in Goa as woodturning.

The most beautiful feature of Goan crafts is that they use materials that are widely available in the state and are organic. The bamboo crafts, fiber, coconut masks, jute macrame crafts are some. The many products that are produced with these materials are flower baskets, mats, letter-holders, pen stands, fans and other decorative items; these are made from bamboo.

Shopping bags, ladies purses, wall hangings, and other essential accessory items used in daily purposes are made of banana or sisal fiber and decorative bags, belts, lamp shades, flower pots, hangers, etc from jute macrame. Ashtrays, lamp shades, coasters, chandeliers, curtains, pot hangers, table mats, clocks, mirror frame are made from coconut mask carvings combined with seashell craft.

Crochet and embroidery is a skill that is only possible for a few patient hands. These are very popular in Goan houses as table clothes, dresses for children and ladies, pillowcases and cushion covers; these are available for tourists to buy as well in the many shops and emporiums in the state.

All these beautiful pieces of artwork represent different cultures and traditions in Goa. They say that these talents are running in the Goan blood since a very long time. Having them travel to different parts of the world symbolizing Goan culture and traditions is brilliant. Keeping them as a souvenir from a land that is so diverse and extraordinary absolutely will make you want to come back again!