The resort is beautiful surrounded by salt pans which now are mini lakes filled with water from Baga Creek.A Varanda is the in house restaurant that basically caters to the residents Situated by the resort’s poolside this restaurant in Resorte Marinha Dourada, Arpora is not known for its gourmet or authentic local delicacies.Simple tasty food is its motto-A Varanda remains busy all day as it caters breakfasts,lazy poolside snacks for the residents.The menu is a multi-cuisine fare with Goan food ruling the roost.Seafood Platter,Fish Curry Rice,Chicken Cafreal and Beef Xacutti are the kings of traditional Goan-Portuguese cuisine.However due to influx of charter traffic seasonally,the menu is balanced from the European kitchen by preparations liked Grilled Seafood,Chicken Steak,Pork Chilly Fry and Beef Steak.

If you are a late riser for elevenses breakfast time sit by the pool and order the Club Sandwich or perhaps the chicken Submarine Sandwich Filling and Substantial,It could tide you over lunch too.The kitchens do offer a choice with new preparations daily…ask kitchens do offer a choice with new preparations daily…ask the restaurant manager or look at the black board for the special of the day.Goa will not be ideal holiday destination special of the day.Goa will not be an ideal holiday destination without its spirits being part of the experience.There is a good selection of alcoholic beverages and live music on certain days during the season adds to the dining experience.


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