Aadhvay: Redefining Luxury Living in Goa


Mr. Suresh Tekchandani stands as a luminary in Goa’s construction industry, steering Aadhvay towards unparalleled heights of success with a steadfast commitment to luxury, sustainability, and community enrichment. His journey from textiles and automotive ventures to real estate development underscores a profound dedication to creating spaces that transcend mere buildings, fostering lifestyles and communities that thrive.

Company Origins: A Journey of Evolution and Purpose

Aadhvay’s inception finds its roots in Mr. Suresh Tekchandani’s entrepreneurial spirit, initially manifested through Derkann, a pioneering denim brand celebrated for its quality and global acclaim. Building on this foundation, Mr. Suresh ventured into securing dealerships for esteemed automotive brands, laying a robust groundwork for Aadhvay’s emergence. The company’s initial foray, under the moniker Sheraton, marked a pivotal moment with the resounding success of the “Sky Villa” project in Goa. This triumph catalysed a phase of reinvestment and rebranding, culminating in Aadhvay—a name synonymous with unity and purpose, encapsulating a vision to redefine real estate dynamics in Goa and beyond.

Company Overview: Specialising in Luxury Residential and Commercial Properties

Aadhvay epitomises excellence in crafting luxurious residential edifices and innovative commercial spaces, boasting over 13 years of industry leadership in Goa’s real estate landscape. Known for setting benchmarks of quality and innovation, Aadhvay’s residential projects offer unparalleled comfort and elegance, blending sophisticated design with functionality to create serene retreats and urban residences.

Their commercial ventures showcase forward-thinking architecture that enhances productivity and success, catering to diverse business needs. With a commitment to sustainability and cutting-edge amenities, Aadhvay continues to redefine urban living and business environments, ensuring each project reflects their dedication to excellence and customer satisfaction.

Vision and Mission: Redefining Real Estate Development

At the core of Aadhvay’s ethos lies a visionary zeal to be the foremost developer of sustainable, innovative living spaces that enrich lives and cultivate cohesive communities. Their mission is multifaceted, encompassing a commitment to deliver exceptional quality, foster community bonds, embrace sustainability, exceed customer expectations, drive innovation, and enhance investment value.

Notable Projects: Showcasing Excellence in Design and Execution

CASA DE VIDA stands as an epitome of Aadhvay’s unwavering commitment to excellence. Nestled amidst Goa’s vibrant locales, Casa de Vida transcends traditional living spaces, offering a lifestyle enriched by cultural vibrancy and natural beauty. Imagine arriving at this serene abode, greeted by the melodious chirps of birds, with the lively beaches of Baga and Calangute just a short drive away, beckoning countless beachside adventures. For a change of pace, immerse yourself in the vibrant energy of the renowned Saturday Night Market, conveniently located nearby. Casa de Vida isn’t just a residence; it’s a gateway to a way of life where every corner resonates with the warmth and spirit of Goa.

During its construction, Casa de Vida faced formidable challenges amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, testing Aadhvay’s resilience and adaptability. Despite these hurdles, the project was successfully delivered, thanks to innovative solutions and unwavering dedication. The refreshing pool and modern rooftop gym offer not just leisure but also breathtaking views, providing residents with a haven of seclusion and tranquillity.

Each home at Casa de Vida is designed not only for aesthetic appeal but also as a sound investment opportunity, reflecting Aadhvay’s commitment to quality and client satisfaction. Embrace this vibrant spirit of Goa and elevate your lifestyle at Casa de Vida, where every day feels like a holiday in a home that embodies the essence of luxury and community.

Construction Techniques and Innovations: Setting Standards in Quality and Sustainability

Aadhvay integrates cutting-edge construction techniques and innovations to ensure superior outcomes in every project. From Water treatment units that enhance water quality and conservation to earthquake-resistant designs that prioritise resident safety, Aadhvay’s meticulous attention to detail underscores their commitment to comfort, safety, and sustainability.

Client Relationships: Commitment to Excellence and Customer Satisfaction

Central to Aadhvay’s success is their unwavering focus on client relationships characterised by transparency, reliability, and exceptional service. Beyond delivering top-notch quality, Aadhvay maximises investment returns through strategic rental tie-ups and comprehensive housekeeping services, fostering enduring partnerships built on trust and mutual success.

Safety and Compliance: Upholding Stringent Standards

Aadhvay places paramount importance on safety across all construction sites, implementing rigorous protocols including 24/7 security, regular safety audits, and strict adherence to local building codes and regulations. These measures ensure a secure working environment and uphold the highest standards of industry compliance.

Team and Expertise: Nurturing Talent and Innovation

Aadhvay boasts a team of seasoned professionals comprising top architects, experienced engineers, skilled craftsmen, proficient project managers, and dedicated compliance officers. Continuous learning and professional development are integral to Aadhvay’s culture, facilitated through structured training programs, mentorship initiatives, and access to cutting-edge industry resources. This commitment to expertise and innovation ensures Aadhvay remains at the forefront of construction excellence.

Industry Challenges and Trends: Adapting to Evolving Landscapes

Navigating challenges such as rising material costs, labour shortages, and complex regulatory landscapes, Aadhvay thrives by embracing emerging trends like Building Information Modeling (BIM), sustainable practices, automation, and smart technologies. These innovations not only enhance operational efficiency but also underscore Aadhvay’s proactive approach towards sustainability and future-ready construction solutions.

Community and CSR: Making a Positive Impact

Beyond construction excellence, Aadhvay actively contributes to the local community through impactful CSR initiatives. These initiatives span educational support, healthcare provisions, and environmental conservation efforts, reflecting Aadhvay’s holistic approach to community development and engagement.

Future Outlook: Ambitions and Expansion

Looking ahead, Aadhvay is poised for strategic expansion, embarking on new projects that uphold their hallmark of excellence and innovation. With a steadfast commitment to sustainable growth and customer-centricity, Aadhvay continues to redefine Goa’s real estate landscape, setting new standards in construction quality, design innovation, and community integration.

Personal Insights: Leadership and Inspiration

Mr. Suresh Tekchandani’s leadership journey is characterised by a profound passion for excellence, unwavering integrity, and a visionary approach to real estate development. His diverse background across industries has shaped a leadership style that values innovation, collaboration, and community impact, driving Aadhvay towards sustained success and prominence in the dynamic construction sector.

In essence, Mr. Suresh Tekchandani and Aadhvay exemplify a synergy of vision, innovation, and commitment, forging ahead to transform aspirations into concrete realities that elevate lifestyles and nurture enduring communities.