A Reverie

Aakritee Sinh of A Reverie: From Best Chef to Best Mixologist!


The Chef Patron and co-owner of A Reverie, Aakritee is a lady of many talents and passions. She uses whimsical words like ‘theatrical restaurateur’, ‘kitchen goddess’, ‘killer mixologist’, ‘conqueror of palates’, ‘indefatigable entrepreneur’, among others, to describe herself. She has won many awards for her culinary creations, but this time around, at the Times Food and Nightlife Awards 2018, there’s an unusual accolade for a chef that’s in store for her.

Aakritee Sinh is not just another restaurant owner and ‘A Reverie’ is not just another fine-dining restaurant. To Aakritee, food is not just something to consume. It has to have a deeper meaning. It has to appeal to all the senses on a level that not all have attained. She believes that food has to be evocative, emotional and thought provoking. Many of her dishes are inspired by childhood memories, instances in her life as well as her travels to far off lands. Others are inspired by seasonal produce and common sense. All this won her ‘Chef of The Year’ at the Times Food and Nightlife Awards in 2017. This year, she’s added another feather to her hat, winning the Mixologist of The Year. A Reverie was also awarded the Best Restaurant for Global Fusion, which has gotten Chef Aakritee ecstatic.

The lady is truly honoured. She believes her master secret last year was that a chef truly needed to be skilled not just in the culinary arts but a mixologist at the bar at A Reverie. She believes her team, both at the bar and in the A Reverie kitchen have helped in making sure that A Reverie is a soaring success. A Reverie, under Aakritee’s skill and guidance, is a place where a myriad activities take place. Fresh produce and herbs are procured daily and drinks are made to perfection in a state-of-the-art bar set up. In her own words, “it is a place where innovation and tradition are both honoured.” Now, besides the award winning food, there are award winning cocktails to be had.