Accident at waterfalls kills one, while an infant drowns in a bucket

One person died when a jeep (GA-11-A-8105) carrying seven persons, skidded off a mud road and fell into the waterfall at Saleli, Valpoi. The incident happened around 1.15 pm on Sunday.

The victim, Anush Anand Barde, 18, was a resident of Mandrem. Three others who were injured in the incident are Rajat Yeshwant Harmalkar, Amit Ashok Madkar and Kishore Parsekar. They have been admitted to Goa Medical College, Bambolim. Kishore’s condition is serious.

While it is believed the Saleli road the jeep was travelling on is very narrow and is usually avoided by motorists, the Valpoi Police, however, stated that the persons who were travelling in the Jeep were in an inebriated condition.

Pic Credit: Kailash Naik

Meanwhile, July 2 turned out to be a Sorrowful Sunday, as a 9-month-old drowned in a bucket.

It is learnt that the infant drowned while playing in a bucket of water, while her dad was fast asleep in his house at Verna on Saturday evening.

According to Verna Police, the infant Samrita Kamlakanta Nandalal, 9-month-old, resident of Mount Mary, Verna and native of Uttar Pradesh, drowned in a bucket of water that was kept in the washroom.

“According to the victim’s father, he was on night shift and after lunch he was taking a nap with his elder daughter while his wife, who is a factory worker, was at her work place. The little child, who was literally left alone, slipped into the washroom and the tragic incident occurred,” police said.

After Samrita’s father woke up, he was shattered to find his little child inside the bucket. He raised an alarm after which neighbours rushed to his residence and the child was taken to hospital where she was declared brought dead by the doctors.

In another incident, an eleven-year-old Samarth Revodkar died on-the-spot after a branch of a huge Banyan tree collapsed on the roof of his house at Revora.

The incident took place around 1.30 am on Sunday. Four others of the family, Samarth’s mother Suvarna and one Ashwini were critically injured and the deceased’s cousin sisters Prachi and Priya received minor injuries. They were immediately rushed to the district hospital, Mapusa.


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