Bike accident at Neura Goa involves three?

Shocking revelations!!!

There are many rumours about the series of events that led to the tragic accident at Neura. One of the rumours suggests that the boys were participating in bike stunts on that fateful night. Apparently, Banesh Sawant aka Bala wasn’t a part of the act.

It is said that a local from Neura spotted two bikers on the road racing with each other. The two bikers who were racing are suspected to be Gaurish Bodnekar and another unknown boy on another sports bike.

According to the local, one of the two boys racing on the narrow road, lost control of the bike and careened into the path of an oncoming Bala.


The local said that the unidentified boy fled from the spot. Investigations are on to verify if these rumours about the accident at Neura are accurate.

Minutes before Bala’s death in the accident at Neura …

A friend of Bala while recounting the minutes before his death, says that Bala left his house with the intention of going for a round and coming back soon. He took off his gold chain as it was late at night. Bala then handed over this gold chain to the friend saying he would be back soon. Unfortunately, he never returned.

Coincidently, it was Bala’s mother’s 2nd death anniversary on the day when the tragic accident took his life. The friend also said that Bala wasn’t under the influence of alcohol or any kind of mind-altering substance.

Spate of accidents shocks Goa

Following the tragic death of Banesh Sawant and Gaurish Bodnekar there have been at least 10 deaths in less than 48 hours. Another accident took place this morning on the Verna Highway by-pass. Wherein a bus hit bike rider Salman Ahmed Matol, resident of Verna itself aged 38 years, killing him on the spot.

Requesting all our dear readers to wear a helmet, ride safe, drive safe and follow all traffic rules. It may not be your fault but an accident can be caused due to many reasons and at an unexpected time.


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