Akshay Gautam -Wealth management specialist.


Meet Akshay Gautam, a 31-year-old finance expert hailing from the tranquil landscapes of South Goa. Akshay has charted an unconventional yet successful career path in the dynamic world of finance. As the founder of “Finance Goal”, he has been actively involved in wealth management, providing unique insights into the art of making money work for you.

The Journey from Engineering to Finance

Akshay’s journey began with the conventional path of pursuing a degree in Electronics and Telecommunications engineering from Goa College of Engineering. However, a realisation during his studies that a traditional desk job did not align with his aspirations led him to explore the exciting world of financial markets. Fuelled by a love for numbers and a keen interest in the intricacies of finance, he made the switch from electronics and telecommunications to the dynamic field of wealth management. He has answered exams from The Association of Mutual Funds in India. He also holds NISM certification and is an IC38 broker.

Founding ‘Finance Goal’

Seven years ago, Akshay founded ‘Finance Goal’ with a mission to educate clients about finance and investments. The firm offers a range of financial services, including retirement planning, mutual funds, tax planning, and more. It assists clients in growing their money by actively participating in markets – right from the opening of Asian markets to the closing of US markets.

Becoming a Finance Influencer

Akshay runs a page on instagram called “Finance with Akshay”, where he shares his daily experiences in the financial markets, aiming to make finance and investing more accessible and appealing to people.

He modestly refrains from calling himself a finance influencer and says that he would like to be known as a finance educator. His journey as a finance influencer began with the desire to educate and inspire others to take charge of their long-term financial goals.

Insights on Wealth Management

Akshay emphasises that making money is easy, but managing money is the real challenge. He encourages individuals to actively participate in the markets, steering away from traditional investments and government-centric approaches. His philosophy revolves around the idea that understanding and actively engaging with the markets can make finance and investing not just profitable but also enjoyable.

Role Models and Inspirations

Charlie Munger and Warren Buffett stand out as Akshay’s role models, representing the kind of partnership he aspires to achieve in both personal and professional life. He also draws inspiration from figures like Philip Fisher and Rahul Arora, acknowledging the influence of their wisdom on his financial approach.

Future Plans

With a focus on making a difference in people’s lives, Akshay Gautam has planned various events to reach out to the masses. He believes in bringing about positive changes one day at a time, underscoring the importance of discipline and consistency in financial planning.

Message to Aspiring Financial Enthusiasts

In his parting words, Akshay advises individuals to do what they love and monetise it along the way. He encourages aspiring financial enthusiasts to find someone proficient in finance, learn from their experiences, and remain disciplined and consistent on their financial journey. With the right approach, success may not be overnight, but it is assured.

Akshay Gautam continues to inspire and guide individuals on their financial journeys, fostering a community that views finance not as a daunting task but as a tool for achieving dreams and securing a prosperous future.